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Crypro alert...Now is the time to invest in my strategy, we are a long-term strategy of at least 10 years. Now is the time to do DCA in my strategy.Thank you!

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I just invested in my favorite strategies, I chose to trust my colleagues and support them... If anyone appreciates my moves, I would be grateful if you would add 10 euros to my strategy as support, my fees are 1% of earnings....Thank you everyone! 😊 ..Have a nice Day!

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4 persoane apreciază asta

Thank you to the 2 followers who joined my strategy, I appreciate your support and I promise to give my best, this strategy will certainly not lose money considering that the personal fund is over 87,000 Dollars... Have a nice day everyone!

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2 persoane apreciază asta

Yesterday was an eventful day, it wasn't as bad as expected, it seemed like a normal correction to start a new growth... I will respect the plan and enjoy the discounts, today I will add the first 1000 euros from the weekly DCA plan for the next 1 year, 1 year and a half...Our portfolio remains the same...Have a nice day everyone!

3 persoane apreciază asta

I think 🤔 Altseazon ist hier...Good luck everyone, have a nice Day 👍

6 persoane apreciază asta

GO Chainlink!

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3 persoane apreciază asta

We are in Top...Ty Guys

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3 persoane apreciază asta

REN was absolutely Parabolic...i take some Profits in Bitcoin and Link!

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2 persoane apreciază asta

Hope to catch you, great job staying out.

CARUS-AR U make a Great Job!Good luck!

Today ,we are in Top 5...Ty Guys

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4 persoane apreciază asta

Have a nice Sunday everyone 😊

3 persoane apreciază asta

We are all in profit, not much but we are in profit, the profit for the last year is 1%, considering that we were in the Bear Market and we are exposed 60% in altcoins, I think we have great chances of growth, at the moment our altcoins are not they did something extraordinary, we hardly kept pace with Bitcoin...Whatever happens we will not sell at a loss and we will continue DCA for another 1.5 years...Have a nice day...Chainlink at the moment is only a stablecoin...We are waiting for opinions and advice, we grow together!

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3 persoane apreciază asta