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TOP 3 earning for our users
May 2020
2nd place
€93.57 /month
1st place
€121.04 /month
3rd place
€46.23 /month
Our referral program is based on a long-term connection between you and your friends. You get to earn from Crypto Strategies fees each month.

Earn something extra every time a new friend invests in any of the Crypto Strategies

Instead of earning once for each referral you bring, we create a long-term connection between you and your friend, where you earn each month from the fees (performance, following, entry,  and exit fee) collected from all your referrals.
Amazing, isn’t it?
Meet Joyce, she is using ICONOMI
Referral program.
Let’s see 3 cases of her earning a passive income.
She invited four new friends and they each invested €1000 in ICONOMI Crypto Strategies. The market goes up by 8% in one month, and the fees of the imaginary Crypto Strategies are set to 20% for the Performance fee, and 2% for the Following fee.
Invite your friends

How the ICONOMI referral program works

Invite friends

Copy link, code, or e-mail invites and send them out to your friends.

Earn from fees

Once your invitees are verified and active you keep earning by splitting fees with ICONOMI.

Get paid every month

Your earnings are automatically deposited to your account each month.

Frequently asked questions

How can I refer ICONOMI to my friends?

You have three options; email, dedicated link or QR code. You can find them on your ICONOMI profile, under the “Referral” tab.

How do I get paid?

Payouts are automatically processed each month and are transferred to your account in Bitcoin. As a Crypto Strategy manager, you will receive the payout back to your Crypto Strategy. Referrers will get the payouts in bitcoin directly to their ICONOMI account.

How many people can I invite?

You can invite as many people as you want. You know how it goes, the more you give, the more you get.