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21 de fev. de 2023 17:56:40
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STP Strategy
21 fev., 2023

Locking 40% profit on $MATIC, adding $ETH and rebalancing a bit. 🐂

Uma pessoa gosta disto
STP Strategy
4 nov., 2022

Adding $MATIC to portfolio on a $1 breakout. $BNB hitting highest levels since May and new all-time highs against $BTC. $LINK has formed multi-month base ahead of staking launch in December.

Uma pessoa gosta disto
STP Strategy
31 out., 2022

$BNB hit new all-time high in $BTC terms today. Strong outperformance continues. $LINK staking is now one month away. It is a major stop forward for Chainlink.

2 pessoas gostam disto
STP Strategy
30 jul., 2022

Adding $BNB which just hit a new all-time high in $BTC terms today and may strongly outperfom it during the bullish phase. Back in $LINK as breakout seems to be the most promising as it's breaking against $BTC pair as well as out of the current 2-month range.

Uma pessoa gosta disto
STP Strategy
28 jul., 2022

$BTC regains its 200WMA following FED's rate hike which has been a major pivot in the past. Expecting outperformance in $BTC thus removing $ETH and $LINK for now.

STP Strategy
26 jul., 2022

Moving back into stable position as next few days seem dicey. S&P 500 has room to fall and crypto remains highly correlated. Will look to buy back at lower lows or on a confirmation above 200WMA on BTC once the trend changes.

2 pessoas gostam disto
STP Strategy
15 jun., 2022

Initial reaction to Fed's interest rate increase of 0.75 point is positive. $LINK outperforming whole market and re-enters Top 20. There is a lot of overhead resistance on $BTC and $ETH but the volume last couple of days may be a sign of major capitulation. If that's the case we'll see $25K and $1.4K quickly. 

4 pessoas gostam disto
STP Strategy
15 jun., 2022

The market is under severe distress as whales are hunting margin calls of the biggest players in crypto , 3ArrowCapital, MicroStrategy and Celsius. While the volatility in the coming days may go through the roof, buying in times when hedge funds are forced to sell lead to the highest market opporunities. Prices may get ''funny'' in a short term but when cascade selling is done, we'll also get a quick bounce with a lot less leverage going forward.

Stay strong throughout the storm. $BTC $ETH $LINK

4 pessoas gostam disto
STP Strategy
14 jun., 2022

Orderly pullback continues in the crypto market. I was waiting for a wash to buy back in but decided to buy on another wave lower as volume didn't increase. Seems like the sellers may be drying up. $LINK $BTC $ETH from $USDC Still hoping to get a nice multi-day or multi-week swing higher.

2 pessoas gostam disto
STP Strategy
13 jun., 2022

Locking profit on a solid intraday bounce especially for $LINK but moving back into stable $USDC as traditional markets closed near session lows with more selling just before the close. No V-shaped bounce $BTC thus speculating on another wave lower before FED's announcement on Wednesday.

Uma pessoa gosta disto