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mar. 14, 2023
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CGM UK strategy is to hold a basket that consists of 70% core crypto for the portfolio with cryptos that have a track record and are well-established.

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CGM Active Strategy : We aim to utilise our expertise to review projects which have sustainable outcome. We understand some projects are having insane gains but are they here for the long run? Only time will tell, but we are comfortable in the projects we choose $ETH $BTC $LINK $DOT

To Review and compare all strategies on Iconomi for best performing ROI use CopyTrader crypto investment tool:

Crypto Global Management Website(CGM)

CGM Active Strategy :

CGM Passive Strategy:

CGM Non ETH & BTC Strategy:

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4 pessoas gostam disto

Moving to USDT usdc ma200 19k or 18.5k next support.... Remember still higher low don't panic

3 pessoas gostam disto

Happy Tuesday. 

1. don't be scared if markets go to 28-30k I will be putting aggressively back in the market.

2. If we go below 28k this is my trigger point stop loss to pull out 20-40% of crypto to stable coins as that will technical end the bull cycle. I will still hold 50-60% as a long term bull in digital assets. The money taken out will then be reinvested, where 14k btc is possiblity based on history and support levels. IF that happens.

3. We still a current bull we may see a relief rally back to the 38-40k which if it rejects could then see a last liquidation event pushing it to new lows hoping around the 30k. This will end this 60 day cycle ready for a nice leg up for the next 60 day cycle.These markets are volatile which is normal in crypto external influences affecting all markets is the FEDs tone regarding interest rate rises this is affecting all risk based assets such as equities, crypto etc. Not to mention the Russia Ukraine issues

This correction is definitely healthy for crypto and if we don't break key levels a potential golden opportunity to get in some low price :+).Not financial advice.

Good luck!

2 pessoas gostam disto

Thanks. I have strong holding positions in BTC, ETH and a reasonable position in both CGM Active and Passive for altcoin / broader crypto market exposure (ie further up the yield curve). Appreciate the response. Looking forward to this strategy jumping back in. 👍🏼

Hi Steve, thanks for the following. If you have some in active passive and non BTC then this will essentially hedge 1/3 out of the market 2/3 in the market. If you are not following all three then If you want to gain exposure please check our passive strategy out. We are waiting on horizontal confirmation. Most likely at 40k we will reject if we blow past it not worried about missing a little gains Vs getting confirmation the market is trending upwards. Thanks

. Thanks

QQ: what’s the plan re sitting in Tether? Just so I understand when this strategy will be re-exposed to the market moves? The draw down has been painful (been in Passive and Active since May 21, plus direct holdings), but is now not the right time to weather the market moves and therefore start to gain some ground? All for your rebalancing strategy to shift the coins based on momentum, but not sure I get being totally out of the market given just how much this strategy has had to weather since the latest major correction. Sorry, guess I’d rather have market exposure vs timing exits in anticipation of more potential downside - that seems almost impossible to get right.

When you see cryptos sky rocketing try to avoid jumping on board without research as what you will find is you will jump in and it will consolidate then you will sell which at that point it may then make the next move up. Patience is a virtue. Crypto is a tough game don't be fooled by the one off stories. $BTC $ETH

3 pessoas gostam disto

Evening All,

This pull back as stated on the 16th November could go as low as 52-53. You may see a spike towards 61k from the current price (57k) but believe it or not we want a quick spike up then a bigger drop down. Next 2-5 days will give us an indicator of where we are in the cycle. If we have hit the cycle low or not. This will then flag as a buying opportunity for the next 60 day cycle.

Additional sell pressure has come from MT GOX potential dumping 141k Bitcoins in the market 

 *Conclusion* : be patient and try not to panic if you cannot handle this volatility you should *NOT* be in crypto!

Not financial advise keep calm :-)

5 pessoas gostam disto

Market is still in a phase where it can go either way. If we lose the 58k resistance it could drop down to 52k, still bullish. If we lose that level then we are in BIG trouble. The fact that we have recaptured 60k+ is a great sign need to break past 63.5k $BTC . Please remember manage your risk!!! and do your own research.

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Uma pessoa gosta disto

Can we breach 59-60k BTC? If so then that could be the new support.

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2 pessoas gostam disto

Could we see $BTC out perform alts and get close to ATH?? If we break 53k/54k than anything is possible. 60k here we come

3 pessoas gostam disto

Morning All,

The markets looking good we hoped for a dip for a clean break from the 60 day cycle. This is great news for the crypto market as we should see a nice bull in the next 60 day cycle. I know people are thinking what, but be sure this is a good correction and healthy $BTC


One BIG issue is a potential black Swan event happening in china Evergrande default. This is a huge problem for all markets including crypto so let's hope the china government shore up the economy and ensure they don't let it fail. If it fails then risky investments are reduced and investors move to USD and gold as a safe haven.

Good luck stay strong

4 pessoas gostam disto

No need to panic in the markets our best bet is that we actually want btc to drop to 42.5k (yes we want it to go down) this will mean a clean break for 60 day cycle than a strong bull market. Next 3 days Important, if we don't see a large drop which is my favoured option, then we still in the bull market. Please remember that we feel the 4 year cycle is now a window from now until 2022 q2.

Gary Gensler (SEC) is a potential obstacle for crypto so anything is possible we hopefully that he won't put some crazy regulations for crypto but he is anti crypto so we need to watch his moves careful as this could cause an unexpected crash. 

2 pessoas gostam disto