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mar 19, 2023
mar 26, 2023
Alpha Digital


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Max. Drawdown
Alpha Digital
29 mar, 2021

A warm welcome to all new followers! 🤞I'm highly dedicated to making you a killing and this fund a tremendous success. I'm always trying to beat $BTC and $ETH and stay up to date on all new developments to move into suitable investments before the majority of the crowd.

Let's go and ride this wave of world-changing technology driven by grassroots movements, collaboration, and open protocols/markets🚀

Nothing I share is financial advice.

A 63 persone piace questo

I didn’t look at your strategy over a longer term - I apologise.

You’re crushing it. keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll put some money your way too.

I was wrong (not easy to say sometimes)

@BPAM I honestly don't get your point. The strategy is up 7000% after a 30% draw down, while $BTC and $ETH went down 70% and are now up "only" 100% ($BTC) and 650% ($ETH) over the same period as this strategy. I only get 15% on actual profits above the high water mark, and the 30% draw down is already after managing fees.

sounds like a great way to clip 3/15. 👍

Alpha Digital
20 mar, 2023

Quick thoughts: $BTC looks good, especially with Bitcoin dominance going up. Price action like this often marked the beginning of a new cycle. Still one has to consider that 28k is a resistance level and price is also at the top of the channel. Generally, as long as Bitcoin is this strong I wouldn't touch altcoins. I'm going to wait until after FOMC before considering any move. So far $PAXG has been a good bet, so I'm going to stick with it for now.

A 11 persone piace questo
Alpha Digital
11 mar, 2023

Circle, the company behind $USDC, could face liquidity issues.

"Following the confirmation at the end of today that the wires initiated on Thursday to remove balances were not yet processed, $3.3 billion of the ~$40 billion of $USDC reserves remain at SVB." - Circle on Twitter

There's a good chance they're going to be able to recover most of it. This situation is most likely different than UST's.

Still I don't want to sit this out.

I've been thinking about getting into Gold/$PAXG for some time now and am going to use this opportunity.

There is going to occur slippage due to the fact that many people are fleeing USDC, elevating the price of $BTC, $USDT, and also $PAXG.

$PAXG says it is backed 1 to 1 buy Gold bouillons in London and redeemable at any time, so I consider the risk minimal.

Thank you for your trust, I'm giving my best to handle this situation as good as possible to minimize risk and losses.

As always these are only my personal thoughts on state of things in the market and should not be considered as investment advice.

All the best

A 12 persone piace questo

What are your plans on your strategy? Any intention to change from paxg and to go btc, eth or other altcoins?

Alpha Digital
2 feb, 2023

Over the past 73 days, we've witnessed a significant increase in the value of $BTC, with a 57% increase from the low of 15.5k to the current high of 24.2k. 

This uptrend has allowed Bitcoin to exit the descending regression channel and trade along the upper boundary of the new channel drawn from the low. 

However, analyzing past market movements, I see a strong possibility of a future retest of the channel's lower bound. The high degree of slope of the linear regression only strengthens my view. 

With the moving averages and range highs above, I remain cautious.  

I left the market in early December 2021 when bitcoin was around 50,000. I am not yet feeling any pressure from FOMO.

Instead, I start looking for sound setups, especially in alternative cryptocurrencies, before making any decisions.

I got my eyes on $ATOM, $FTM, $XMR, $SUSHI, $GNT, $ANT, $SNX, $DYDX, $DOGE, and of course $ETH

I hope you don't find the attached chart too confusing. I tried to give some "historical context" using past regression channels.

As always, these are just my personal thoughts and shouldn't be treated as financial advice.


Post image
A 21 persone piace questo

@CryptoEnthuzias Not much has changed, but still gonna work on a new post soon :)

Hi ! Thanks for your update. Any new opinions ? :D

Alpha Digital
13 gen, 2023

My thoughts on the market:

In terms of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, it appears they are still committed to raising interest rates and keeping them at a higher level.

However, it is essential to note that the effects of these rate hikes may take some time to fully impact the economy and financial markets.

Despite this, the economy and jobs market appear to be relatively resilient. In terms of macroeconomic conditions, there is a significant level of uncertainty.

However, in the cryptocurrency market, it seems like the recent storm has passed (at least for the time being). Bitcoin (BTC) has been consistently moving higher, increasing its dominance within the market.

I generally see growing Bitcoin dominance as a positive sign for the market's health.

From a technical perspective, it is essential to note that this current market movement should be considered a bear market rally. It is, therefore, necessary to be cautious and keep an eye on further developments before making any significant investment decisions.

I may sound like a broken record, but I stay in capital preservation mode for now.

That being said, I hope you all had an excellent start to the new year!

As always, these are just my personal thoughts and shouldn't be treated as financial advice.


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A 11 persone piace questo
Alpha Digital
13 dic, 2022

Interesting move today - preparing an analysis

A 10 persone piace questo
Alpha Digital
20 nov, 2022

$BTC is losing ground, and $ETH trades exceptionally weak.

At the same time, Digital Currency Group and Grayscale behave weirdly, to say the least.

Sidelined once again, after a minuscule loss. Let's wait and see.

A 6 persone piace questo

The great thing about software and crypto, is they can change. BTC and ETH are both very flawed, and they're marketing is played out. The next cycle is legal, very decentralized, and the killer feature is consumer ready self custody.

Alpha Digital
14 nov, 2022

I think it's about time.

I've been very cautious, but now that everyone is overwhelmed with fear of further contagion and likely capitulated; I want to buy the blood.

I'll start by scaling in slowly, allocating 30% of the strategy's capital. Due to the real possibility of further contagion and project bankruptcies, a conservative 20% $ETH and 10% $BTC.

I want to see $BTC reclaim 18k and $ETH 1.3k before considering increasing the exposure. I'll also be quick to cut it if I don't like the price action or fundamental developments.

Technically I view the latest move as a deviation which should allow prices to spring higher once it's cleared.

Because there's sufficient reason to believe crypto prices were highly manipulated during the later stages of the bull market and especially the "double bubble," I have decided to use volume nodes as anchors for the Fibonacci Tool, which gives surprisingly good guidance.

Post image
A 21 persone piace questo

@misterD let's see, after all, the market is the final arbitrator ;)

no, you are right, it’s a good call. 👌

@misterD Might be that we see another big player collapse, but right now, I mainly see a lot of unfounded FUD. 30% is a very manageable position that can be sold quickly without causing major harm if I'm wrong.

Alpha Digital
9 nov, 2022

Stay safe out there! 

If anyone wants to talk, my DMs are open. 

Bad times pass. 

A 11 persone piace questo
Alpha Digital
9 nov, 2022

What an eventful 24 hours

A 8 persone piace questo