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mar 17, 2023
mar 24, 2023
invest with care


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invest with care
13 set, 2022

This post is pinned! Scroll down for the most recent post.

I am managing "invest with care" crypto strategy with a focus on risk management first. When things go well, I intend to trade / invest for aggressive gains. Protecting gains is always paramount, however.

This is an improvement and change in my mindset and approach, as I intend to protect my and our capital well during difficult markets, and all market environments. This will enable "invest with care" both to benefit once the bull market returns and to win in the long run.

I hope I can serve you well.

I have my own capital invested in the crypto strategy.

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invest with care
12 mar, 2023

Dear Investors, a quick update: Due to the banking crisis in the US (Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank) and USDC's reserves being partially exposed to these banks, I have shifted the "invest with care" funds into other stablecoins. It certainly is not an ideal situation, since USDT hasn't got the best proof of USD reserves, either. However, the solution is the best at this moment. Take care, best

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invest with care
9 nov, 2022

I am shocked and proud to see that "invest with care" is No 1 in performance in the past 6 months, No 3 past 3 months, No 7 past 1 month as of today. My goodness, and all of that with just some simple and solid risk management. Sad to think what so many folks are doing and loosing.

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invest with care
9 nov, 2022

We got stopped out for the small reminder of our ETH position yesterday at higher levels than we are today. Looks prudent in terms of risk management.

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invest with care
28 ott, 2022

We closed a large percentage of our ETH trade with healty profits. I will add more again as we and if we drop towards good support levels.

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invest with care
25 ott, 2022

Plus DXY (US Dollar) at critical point, maybe loosing it's uptrend - one to watch, since Dollar strength is correlated with weak crypto markets, and EUR strength correlated with strong crypto markets.

Plus BTC at converging trendlines, as everyone and their mother has posted the last few days.

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invest with care
25 ott, 2022

or on Binance: Already broke out on the Weekly

Post image
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invest with care
25 ott, 2022

Our ETH trade is risk-free (we upped the stop-loss to profitable).

Interestingly, depending on the data we have already broken out of Weekly resistance (Binance) or not (Bitstamp). Shorter term, we have definately broken out of the most recent Daily downtrendline.

Post image
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Binance data see next post

invest with care
29 set, 2022

@XRP: I traded the ripple trendline breakout with a very tight stop loss and minimal risk today, de-risked the trade by upping the stoploss a few minutes later to breakeven. First profits are taken, the rest is a free ride. Marvellous trade with clearly defined risk parameters in a difficult market.

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invest with care
28 lug, 2022

I am changing the name of the strategy, due to a regulatory request sent to me by iconomi. I continue to take care of the crypto strategy, may it be in a better and better manner.

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