Revealing ICONOMI Next

For the past few months, we’ve been brainstorming, researching, talking to our existing and potential users . . . all with one goal in mind;

For ICONOMI to become the product YOU love to use, not just because of its features, its ease of use and lingo, but also because of our team’s passion and dedication to really make the product for YOU.

What's been done in 2019 and what's coming in Q2?


New homepage
Release of the ICONOMI BLOG
Euro deposits available for Tier 1 users
Removal of the rebalancing fee
Crypto Funds for everyone

Coming soon

New onboarding
More tokens added to Crypto Funds
Performance fee

What are the ideas for 2019?

Complete ICONOMI redesign (Web & Mobile Apps)
Price alerts for users
Social interactions
Gift cards
Credit card deposits
Person-to-person transactions
Crypto Funds rebranding
Starter packs
Active trading for Experts
Crypto Funds comparison with Bitcoin
Expanded list of cryptocurrencies visible
on the platform

Do you want to build the ICONOMI future with us?

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New at ICONOMI: Crypto Funds
Anyone can create their
own Crypto Fund
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