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Volatility is the price you pay for performance. In order to outperform in the long term, it is necessary to underperform in the short term.

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17 मई, 2023

The worst 10% performing strategies are more diversified than the top 10%. This goes against the notion that diversification is always better, it is not, as famous investors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have pointed out.

Here are some of Charlie's quotes on diversification:

  • “The idea of excessive diversification is madness.” Charlie Munger
  • “A lot of people think if they have 100 stocks they’re investing more professionally than they are if they have four or five. I regard this as insanity. Absolute insanity.” 
  • “I’m way more comfortable owning two or three stocks which I think I know something about and where I think I have an advantage.” 

It is so nice to back up the claims of famous investors with raw data, don't you think?

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6इस तरह के लोग

That's right you can take a look at: ◇ S&P500 Top 50 ◇ S&P500 ◇ S&P Total Market Index

On the mathematical side The number of assets in any portfolio should not be less than 30 in order to reduce the risk of the weighted portfolio and create meaningful statistical significance, and the risks are close to the risks of the total market.

But there are some investors who like to choose a smaller number of assets to increase the return and risk, but they must be blue chips, that is, assets of very large cap, in order to benefit from the market cap bias.

As you know, it is difficult for large companies to fall except in the events of the black swan, and other assets will automatically replace them, but if you deal with the market cap according to set theory, nothing is important.

Anyway, I'm invested in the US market only in the 4 largest companies [Apple - Microsoft - Google - Amazon] with a gold to take advantage of the correlation with the stock market and crypto market

This is considered a safe investment in the long term for me, even with the lack of diversification, because diversification is measured not only in one market, such as only stocks or crypto, but in several markets, even if you own a small number of assets in each market. All that matters is that you trust the investment Confidence only comes from back-testing the investment methodology and always following the same rules Passive portfolios are more reliable and objective in the long run.

Gold - Stocks - Crypto - Bonds - Real Estate ..etc

This is the main diversification in my opinion.

Good luck

17 मई, 2023

Once a year we performa an exhaustive analysis of Iconomi Strategies to see what works and what doesn't. This year once again the main finding was that passive strategies outperform active strategies with very few exceptions.


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5इस तरह के लोग

Thank you for sharing this file ❤️ You can set an additional criterion, which is the coefficient of difference, to evaluate the risks, if you like 😊

11 मई, 2023

Last time I posted this chart was in August 2022. At that time $SOL had the highest rate of transactions growth. Now Arbitrum took the #1 spot. Bullish on $ETH

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9 फ़र॰, 2023

The expected dump arrived, buying back at a discount with our 30% USDT holdings

2इस तरह के लोग
25 जन॰, 2023

Buying back $SOL at 10% discount since we cashed out.

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