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मई 24, 2023
मई 31, 2023
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Active strategy management, 6 years of crypto experience, using stablecoins to reduce drawdowns, always diversified, no gambling

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17 मई 2023, 11:34:30 am
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Best of Crypto
27 मई, 2023

In theory all the discussion about the US debt ceiling should be supportive for crypto, but at the moment we do not see much in terms of price increase. My take is that with higher yields and economic woes, people are still pulling money from DeFi and not all of it is reinvested in inflation resistant coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and the likes. Lets see in the next days and weeks if things change.

4इस तरह के लोग
Best of Crypto
17 मई, 2023

So I think Jump Crypto and Jane Street are partly responsible for the sell off in many crypto assets in the past weeks. They were (shady) market makers in many assets out there and had to stop their business. I suspect they had to sell of many of their positions.

Meanwhile our largest position Litecoin is outperforming because in less than three months there is the miner reward "halvening" from 12.5 to 6.25 LTC per block. Usually this is a very supportive event for Coins

एक व्यक्ति इसे लाइक करता है
Best of Crypto
5 मई, 2023

Let's hope for some positive price action, now that FED and ECB have stopped hiking rates. They still say they want to go higher, but in my view they are done. FED has already implemented some form of QE because they buy government bonds at 100% from banks, no matter how low they are trading. A lot of positive things are happening, but Crypto Twitter is full of negative posts. Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin today so maybe most of the stakers that wanted to withdraw and sell are done now and on a net basis money is flowing back into the system.

3इस तरह के लोग
Best of Crypto
24 अप्रैल, 2023

Bad price development over the past days. Not sure what the reason is. Gary Genslers testimony last week? It didn't contain any news, just maybe disappointing to see the US not act in a crypto friendly way. Market on the other hand could have celebrated the EUs MICA regulation which came to life also last week and is good for institutional adoption. Sometimes we simply cannot explain all the moves...

3इस तरह के लोग
Best of Crypto
12 अप्रैल, 2023

Bitcoin is regaining 30k USD and altcoins are only slowly gaining some strength. I hope that with Bitcoin trading above 30k people will start looking at alternatives again and then an altcoin rally should start.

2इस तरह के लोग

@BestofCrypto Thank you man, that's very kind of you.

Tip: Take a look at Set theory - Sampling techniques - Pareto Principle

Good luck ♥

@MomenJaradat Just had a look at your strategies. I like the quantitative approach and the analysis you make!

@BestofCrypto keep going 😇, but watch BTC dominance. Altcoins will not move significantly and maintain their profitability as long as Bitcoin dominates like this. I will copy your strategy to support you in this event 😊