Invest in cryptocurrencies using N26

To make it easier for you to buy cryptocurrencies at ICONOMI, we've prepared a short tutorial on how you can deposit euros to our platform using N26.


Top up your account

Choose the amount you want to start with. It can be in your currency, but you’ll need to exchange it to euros to start investing on ICONOMI. How? It’s easy & fast! Scroll down.


Copy the deposit details from ICONOMI

Go to ICONOMI, choose what you wish to buy, press the button ‘deposit,’ and you will get a form with the deposit details, such as IBAN and the Reference number.


Choose how much you want
to deposit

You can now deposit from €10 - €150 daily & trade your favorite cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes!

You want to invest more? All you have to do is to level up your verification, and you're good to go!


Insert the Reference number from ICONOMI

You’ll find the Reference number on your ICONOMI payment form with the deposit details.


Make a transfer to ICONOMI

We kindly ask you to double check that your name matches the name on your ICONOMI account, as well as the Reference number. Both are crucial for a successful transaction.


Confirm your transaction

We know it’s a logical step, but we want to make sure that you make it.

You’ll receive an email when the transaction is finalized.

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