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This strategy is investing into innovative and fast growing DeFi projects. Active managed strategy to select the best projects and to secure profits.

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18 mars 2023, 12:12:00
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Max. Prélèvement
DeFi strategy
10 mai, 2022

This is what max pain feels like. Brutal global markets on monday plus a coordinated attack on our major holding Luna. The panic in the market caused a death spiral on Luna/UST and an unpresidential liquidation. Trying to build a decentralized stablecoin ecosystem isn't easy. But it's something that the cryptosphere truly needs. The adoption of UST/Luna, the projects, the network, etc. is still there. For now we need BTC to hold 30k and UST peg being restored. We'll stay more diversified and invested for now. Let’s rebuild and fix what is fixable. 

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Dear Tigh AC and Arjuss, yesterday was a nice push from the bulls which I did not see coming. The bearish scenario is still in play. The 30k level has been tested many times and it is weaker now. Demand is also still weak and selling pressure is high. I'll try to do some range trading with parts of the portfolio. In the meantime I've done research for the next cycle.

hi Steve , welcome back , up we go!!

you misses the bounce. time to write a post

DeFi strategy
11 avr., 2022

Crypto is showing it's brutal side after 3 weeks of strength. This night BTC broke its main support at 42k and lost its momentum. Altcoins got hit even harder since investors jumped back to Bitcoin. 

There are some explanations for this: Ongoing war in Ukraine, underwhelming Miami BTC conference (at least there had been even higher expectations), upcoming questions of a recession, fed inflation fears and upcoming CPI announcement tomorrow, and China hard covid lockdowns.

It's too late to sell now, so I will ride it out. The market will have its recovery - it always does and I don't want miss the bounce back. I'm long on crypto (there has been a lot of big long term positive development in the crypto space) and I believe that we will see a new all-time high of this strategy in April.

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DeFi strategy
3 avr., 2022

Dear followers,

this strategy has reached a new all-time high and has also now 100k ACS. I'd like to thank all of you for your trust in me!

Some information about myself: I'm 35y old, IT Strategy Consultant and a dedicated crypto and blockchain enthusiast since many years.

My goal is to invest in quality coins, projects with good fundamentals and some high risk/high return small caps. I follow the markets very closely and adjust my strategy and rebalance the portfolio accordingly. I also decided for a low management and performance fee, so that loyal followers are well compensated. Let's go crypto 2022!

Cheers Steve 

PS: A big thanks to the whole Iconomi community who is sharing valuable information & supporting each other which is making this platform even more powerful

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Thanks TighAC and I will! Will play it more safe / less volatile next time...we will recover quickly

congrats!! work harder Steve! loosing your "tempo" in the last month

DeFi strategy
12 janv., 2022

2 major updates for today:

The market was expecting a CPI inflation of 7%. Today the numbers came out at hit exactly 7%. This is good since there is no additionaly uncertainty in the market and the Fed most likely won't implement additional measure besides the previous announcements.

For me the even bigger news: Fed Chair Jerome Powell changed his stance on stablecoins: Stablecoins and US Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) could co-exist

In July 2021, Powell had stated that the launch of a US CBDC would replace cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins:

This strategy is already heavily invested in DeFi protocols that profit from stablecoins. This week ICONOMI added $CVX (Convex Finance) which allows liquidity providers to earn extra trading fees and claim additional tokens.

Thanks to this platform we were able to outperform BTC by over 100% in the past 3 months. Thanks Iconomi & Iconomi community!

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DeFi strategy
9 janv., 2022

Dear followers, we hope you won’t sell out of the market during the pullback. Lows are being tested, retail is getting flushed out, whales are accumulating. This is not a time to go in or out of the market. However during the downturn we shifted the portfolio into quality coins to be better positioned. If you think the volatility is too high, wait for the next upside to take some profits. See you there!

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DeFi strategy
13 déc., 2021

Dear investors, there is still high volatility in the market. Due to the nature of our strategy of investing in assets that potentially outperform BTC/ETH the volatility for us can be even bigger. We remain bullish and we won't exit now (we will do some rebalancing between crypto assets).

If you zoom out and look at the full picture the overall scenario is bullish. Today a very traditional German bank accounced that they started a pilot project to offer BTC trading for their customers in their checking accounts. If approved the wallet integration could already start in 2022! -> The Sparkassen are centuries-old regional institutions with about 370 branches and 50 million customers.

BTC available for people who have have no intention or skill to register at a CEX or to use Metamask, Ledger Wallets or some other fancy tools. The global adoption of bitcoin is taking place - today in front of your door

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sunshine will come!

DeFi strategy
4 déc., 2021

What a mean move. Like the majority I thought this was it last night. This early morning panic selling hit us hard. On a weekly basis we are still im the green area. Stay strong this weekend, enjoy the christmas time and don't do any irrational move now. Prices for crypto will be back soon!

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DeFi strategy
1 déc., 2021

We had an excellent week For now, we are taking profits, reducing risks and waiting for tomorrow. Only keeping beast $LUNA and $CRO in the game. Plenty of dry powder is on the side

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DeFi strategy
29 nov., 2021

Dear followers, thanks for your trust in our strategy! We just reached a new all-time high and outperfomed BTC/ETH significantly

Even in volatile markets and set-backs this platforms gives us the possibility to secure value with USD or hedge with more risky and hyped assets.

We'll keep fees at the lowest level so profits are distributed to investors.

We are ready for the year-end rally

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DeFi strategy
26 nov., 2021

Has anyone noticed yet? Anchor protocol is now intergrated in ICONOMI -> 20% APR without any risks (almost). If the current market volatility is too much, put some funds in there for a good night sleep: 

Nice side effect: $LUNA price will go up because of that

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