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The ICONOMI platform is here to take care of all the complexity so that you can focus on what you do best.

Who is it for?


For companies that would like to invest some of their funds in crypto. Your funds would be safe, and you'll get steady returns.
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Family offices

For family offices that would like to diversify their portfolio with crypto assets. We offer a white label of our trading engine, or you can simply create a business account on our platform.
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Investment funds/Brokerage

A white label crypto solution for traditional brokerage companies that would like to dive into crypto and diversify their offers. Access markets that never close.
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Why us?

Fastest and most reliable trading engine with emphasis on safety.


The assets are secured and stored in ICONOMI’s proprietary system of hot and cold wallets. It includes a multi-level / multi-signature structure and specially designed processes that we follow.


The sole owner of assets is you (including single cryptocurrencies and Crypto Strategies you invested in).


We're registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and are also the first blockchain-based company to be blockchain-audited by one of the "Big Four" professional services firm.

Hot and cold wallets


State-of-the-art trading engine, tested to sustain bigger trading volumes with the best prices available.

Our trading engine is connected to several exchanges and it takes care of rebalancing your Strategy.

It optimises rebalancing and ensures each trade is executed in the best possible manner taking into consideration real-time market movements.

Fast trading engine


Crypto markets never close, which means you can trade anytime you want.

Our premium support team is always available, partners get dedicated account managers and our tech team offers expert support for custom solutions.

Non-stop availability

Ready to feel the power of Crypto Copy Trading?

Get access to our state-of-the-art trading engine, 24/7 account management, priority onboarding, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a business account?
Please fill out the form here and we will contact you with the next steps.
During the process we will need some background information about your company, as outlined below:
  • Full company name
  • Business address
  • Legal organizational form (LLC, holding company, publicly traded company, etc.)
  • Registration number
  • Registration date
  • Extract from your country’s business/company register, not older than one week
Please note that we would also need information about the beneficial owner of your company.
If your company is owned or controlled by a second company or natural person, we also need their information.
Is ICONOMI a regulated Crypto Copy Trading platform?
Why does the application ask for the individuals with managerial control of my business?

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