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Crush Crypto Core is for people who want to invest in a basket of high-quality and undervalued cryptocurrencies, serving as a "core holding" for their long-term portfolio. The portfolio takes a flexible approach in asset allocation depending on market cycle and sentiment.

The objective of the Crypto Strategy is to outperform a model portfolio comprised of 50% bitcoin and 50% ether through the rigorous asset selection approach employed by Crush Crypto, and at the same time to provide diversification.

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Crush Crypto Core
13 oct, 2022

(1/2) Some updates on the market and the strategy’s overweight in Lido (splitting the post into 2 because of length limit)

On the overweight in Lido:

- The thesis is actually pretty simple. After the ETH merge, anyone holding ETH is missing out on ~5% yield per year because they are not staking the ETH they hold.

- Lido has a dominant market position in the ETH liquid staking space. Check this Dune dashboard out to learn more about Lido’s market position:

- Generally, I expect ETH to outperform BTC in the upcoming cycle, and then expect Lido to outperform ETH.

- LDO is not another shitcoin that doesn’t do anything. It is one of the few coins that actually (1) has a dominant market position, and (2) accrues value back to token holders by sending 5% of the yield generated from TVL to the treasury.

- It is difficult to time the market but personally I am a top 50 LDO holder myself with no plan to sell anytime soon. I would only become bearish on the project if they start losing the dominant position in the liquid staking space.

- Some behind the scenes: I requested Iconomi to add LDO back in May 2022 but they only added it in August after I complained multiple times. If they added it sooner, CCC’s position in LDO would still be in the money (which significantly outperformed BTC/ETH during the same time horizon).

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Is this portfolio actively managed?

Such a stupid dick move... You have some responsability for your investors

Crush Crypto Core
13 oct, 2022

(2/2) On the crypto market in general:

- After the 3AC liquidation in June, I have a neutral view towards the market. 

- I believe we have now entered the “boring” phase of the bear market after the ETH merge completed successfully. During this phase, prices would not necessarily drop too much, but there is a lack of narrative to drive sectors of the market up. 

- There is currently little to do in the crypto market and more people will leave the industry because they are just not making money and don’t see the situation improving anytime soon. 

- It is hard to estimate how long this phase will last but I would guess it's somewhere between 6-9 months.

- During this period, it is better to just not focus on the market too much and instead do something else. Hence I have not rebalanced the portfolio in a while and have no plans to do so unless things change.

- On the macro side, the Fed has raised rates aggressively and although I am not a macro expert myself, I believe most of the damage has been done already. If the Fed keeps on raising rates, the bond/mortgage/FX market will break and there will be huge pressure for them to slow down.

- We already saw the UN calling on central banks not to increase interest rates on October 3. More countries/organizations would do the same if rates keep going up rapidly.

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Dude, you are down 90% from peak.

Crush Crypto Core
10 may, 2022

Ok the market panicked because UST lost peg. Think we have a temporary bottom here. Going risk on for now, if things look bad again, we will go back to some stable coins.

The lesson from this market turmoil is don't get overly attached to a coin. Often a cult is formed around a coin (most of the time its because it has a charismatic leader, performed well and made a lot of people money) and people don't behave rationally about their investments. I made this mistake during the 2018-2020 bear market and hopefully won't be repeating the same mistake again.

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I am also 50% out just to be safe.

Crush Crypto Core
11 abr, 2022

CCC has been staying defensive since 2 weeks ago with 50% in stable coins. Think BTC/ETH will do alright but the market is still too heavily in alts for now.

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my last post didn’t age well!! 😅 Great rebalancing, happy to be with CCC!

going 100% stable coins…? feels pretty weak out there

It's the end of 2021 and CCC had a great year - 11.6x return vs 1.6x for BTC and 5x for ETH (all displayed CCC returns are net of fees).

As the market gets bigger and bigger, it also becomes more complicated. It won’t just be BTC / alt / USD season like it used to be anymore. I expect next year to be more challenging in outperforming BTC/ETH so individual coin selection is going to be paramount.

Even if BTC or ETH are trading sideways, I believe there will be pockets of altcoins that will do well because there are so many different sectors now (NFT, GameFi, metaverse, DeFi, meme coins, L1/L2s, privacy just to name a bunch). Even within DeFi, there are DeFi 1.0 and 2.0 coins which performed very differently in the last few months.

We already see this happening - BTC is down 33% from peak but CCC is only 15% away from ATH. Like I mentioned in a previous post - narrative is very important and will continue to be a main alpha driver for CCC going forward.

With crypto taking the main stage and more attention/money focusing on this industry than ever, I remain constructive to the industry outlook. That’s why I haven’t really allocated to USD the entire year.

Here’s to another strong year for CCC and the crypto market as a whole!

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great perspective

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at this point it looks like all TA analysts are divided 50/50, so I appreciate CCC positioning the way they have! looks like we are at a decisive moment down to high twenties or blasting to +55k …(short term that is, April May) on chaine analysis looks very bullish, good luck to all!

I'm number 1414 nice number #1414

Crush Crypto Core
19 dic, 2021

I like to look at Bitcoin through the lens of two distinct attributes, momentum and value. The momentum factor is clearly negative, in a deep downtrend. However, the value factor is slowly coming into play. We've reached a brick wall of demand sub 46, with Bitcoin refusing to go lower.

At this point, we have accumulated a sizable amount of Binance shorts, and have absorbed a lot of the end-of-year derisking that some funds were doing as part of their window dressing.

The dispersion in the market is something to behold. You have AVAX and LUNA shrugging off the broader market to trade higher, and even things like MATIC holding in there nicely. I like buying these as I think there will be some allocation to the institutional favorites in Q1 2022, and buying them (AVAX, LUNA, ETH, MATIC) now is akin to buying BTC prior to Q1 2021.

Therefore, I am now back to bullish and positioned the portfolio more aggressively.

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Crush Crypto Core
20 nov, 2021

What if...Solana summer and Avalanche winter? Sometimes it is that simple.

Also, CCC reached ATH while the general market tanked. The picture below shows the performance of CCC compared to BTC during last month.

Post image
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AVAX still pumping!! I curious where you will go next! excellent move!

Let s hope so!

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Crush Crypto Core
10 nov, 2021

I believe the market is risk-on for now. Minutes after the US Labor Department reported higher than expected inflation, stock market (left) dropped while BTC (right) soared. 

This is quite bullish for crypto in general because the market reaction shows that people perceive crypto as an inflation hedge.

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Crush Crypto Core
31 oct, 2021

This post is pinned. Scroll down for the latest posts.

CCC is positioned to take advantage of narrative changes. Since crypto is still at early days, most returns are driven by changes in narratives rather than the fundamentals of projects.

To give an example, there were reports of Facebook renaming to focus on the Metaverse one week before the company officially renamed to Meta. After those reports, CCC made a 20% allocation in metaverse coins (MANA/SAND).

MANA and SAND made 330% and 150% return over the last 7 days, respectively, despite the two projects not announcing anything new fundamental wise. The returns were simply due to more attention being paid to the metaverse space.

There were plenty of other examples this year alone (unit bias coins, coins listed on Coinbase, dog coins, L1 EVM coins, etc). My job is to take advantage of these narratives and maximize the returns of CCC without taking excessive risks.

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nice rebalance, now let's pass this FOMC meeting

exit matic...looks like it is going down further

Crush Crypto Core
21 oct, 2021

BTC made a new all time high yesterday, as did CCC! CCC is now 25x since inception.

As we just made new highs, I believe the next couple months will be a wild ride. Thank you for trusting us, let's take this to the next level 

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great great move on the mana and sand!

your post is a breath of fresh air. Personally you are my favorite strategy, wish you would post more so others would recognise your long term successful strategy!!!