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Oct 25, 2022


Crypto going mainstream

The rapid emergence and evolution of cryptocurrencies have made them more mainstream. Technological advancements in the cryptocurrency industry have led to an increase in interest in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading investments. Now, as the total market value of cryptocurrencies is well over $3 trillion, many people are looking for the best crypto to invest in.

The rise of blockchain technology has caught the attention of investors and traders alike. But to capitalize on the gains from this new asset class, it’s essential to know what Strategy is the most profitable.

The number of cryptocurrencies in the market is constantly growing. According to CoinMarketCap, as of August 2021, there were over 11,100 cryptocurrencies. During the second quarter of 2021, the total trading volume on the top 10 decentralized and centralized exchanges grew by 69%.

There are now many new blockchain investment products, from decentralized finance and crypto active funds to non-fungible tokens and crypto ETFs. Many believe that the potential of cryptocurrencies to become a new generation of billionaires is immense. However, before investing in this asset class, it's essential to consider various factors. This article will discuss the benefits of long-term investments in cryptocurrency vs. trading and short-term investing.

The Next Stage in Cryptocurrency Trading

The digital economy is maturing, and blockchain technology is reshaping the financial sector. The crypto field is leading the way in blockchain and digital assets, but it is still largely inaccessible to the general public. Now, more than ever, the need for a bridge between traditional and emerging asset classes is evident.

Despite cryptocurrency trading being ‘hot’ right now, users are put off by the multitude of exchanges, platforms, and services they must use to convert fiat into cryptocurrency. That said, digital assets' current exchange landscape does not allow for easy entry. Users often must use one service to exchange fiat for Bitcoin or Ether, go to another website to trade Bitcoin and Ether for other cryptocurrencies, and then transfer those currencies back into Bitcoin to transfer them out of the exchange and back to a fiat gateway to, finally, exchange them back into fiat.

ICONOMI aims to facilitate cryptocurrency trading, making it accessible and reliable for everyone. To date, the crypto market is still limited for early adopters and sophisticated traders alike. Our vision is that newcomers to the digital economy can get started with buying their first cryptocurrency instantly through our simple, supportive platform. Professional traders will enjoy a fast, secure, and flexible environment that is easily accessible on the go.

Designed as a user-centric platform for mainstream adoption and developed due to the collaboration between experienced financers and developers with a proven track record in automating distribution, ICONOMI increases users’ control over their assets and facilitates access to the crypto market.

ICONOMI exposes a wide range of users to the benefits of copy trading. Copy trading is a Strategy where less experienced users can copy the actions of another trader. It can be executed automatically, and you have complete control over the Strategies and trades you decide to copy and execute. Why don't you learn more about it on our dedicated blog post about copy trading?

ICONOMI is a platform suitable for several audiences in the cryptocurrency market. One of these is users interested in investing in crypto but have no time to learn about the technology behind it or the forces that drive the market. The other are people who are knowledgeable about crypto trading and want to make their trades and Strategies public for others to copy (replicate) them and profit from them. The platform is connected to major crypto exchanges to facilitate the execution of trades and Strategies.

Copy trading platforms like ICONOMI are a vital part of the DeFi market, contributing to the liquidity and security of the crypto market. It also allows users to focus on the most critical factors in trading. With the help of user-focused copy trading Strategies, ICONOMI lowers the barriers to entry and makes trading more accessible and profitable for everyone involved.

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