What are Crypto Strategies, and why they outperform Bitcoin?

What are Crypto Strategies, and why they outperform Bitcoin?

The world of crypto is vast and can be confusing, especially to newer users. Bitcoin or Ether are the default purchase and hold coins - to see where the market leads you. The journey might be bountiful, or it could lead to losses. The market is volatile, and single assets can drop in a heartbeat. Many users don’t have access to powerful tools to automate buying/selling when they’re offline. That’s why it is sometimes good to copy an experienced trader, someone who has access to these tools and knowledge.

Enter Crypto Strategies

Strategies are collections of crypto assets chosen and led by a Strategist. They share the Strategy with other users, allowing them to perform the same changes as the Strategist.

The Strategists have their own stakes in the strategy, so they’re in the same yacht as you are, making sure you never sink.


Copiers copy a strategy of their choosing with their assets. Don’t worry; a copier’s assets are still their own. They can withdraw them at any time, regardless of the structure or performance of the Strategy.

Whenever a Strategist changes the structure of the strategy, the copier automatically makes the same trades.

The Strategist does all the thinking, our trading algorithm does everything else.


Many users simply don’t have time to manage their crypto investments, as the market fluctuates too rapidly. Successful Strategists take that time. They can lead others to gains or save them from losses.

In this, diversification is key. Like mentioned, a single asset can fluctuate wildly. Sometimes, it’s better to have a diverse portfolio, so if a single asset drops, the rest of your investment won’t be as affected.


Strategists have their own assets in the structure. Together with that, copiers pay fees which are usually based on the Crypto Strategy’s performance. This means that the Strategist has a monetary incentive to perform. Not to mention, it feels good to spread your knowledge and help other people out with their investments.

DEMO Crypto Strategy

If you’d like to try out your skills with a Crypto Strategy but are afraid of upfront costs, you can play around with a simulation Strategy. You can set your structure and the monetary weight of the assets and have it follow the market as if it were real.

Got what it takes?

Anyone can create their own Strategy. It’s very simple, and if you think you’ve got what it takes to lead others to profits, click here to begin!

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