Twitter shout-out

Twitter shout-out

Compare your strategy to Bitcoin

We know the best way to introduce Crypto Strategies to new followers is by comparing strategies to familiar crypto assets like BTC or ETH. We also know many of ICONOMI Crypto Strategy owners are trying to increase their following via Twitter and other social channels and communicate often via comparison charts (showing that diversification can outperform even the best assets like Bitcoin).

Generate a comparison chart for social media

Coming from these two facts, we have implemented a brand new feature allowing all Public Crypto Strategy owners, to generate a comparison chart between their strategy and any other asset supported by ICONOMI in the desired period and either share that chart via Twitter or simply download the PNG version of the image (for newsletters and other channels).

Automate your Twitter presence with “Autopilot”

Now, this is where things get interesting. Besides generating custom comparison charts at any time, you may also turn on the Twitter Autopilot. An autopilot is a tool that automatically tweets comparison charts to your connected Twitter account each time your strategy outperforms BTC. Of course, there are certain parameters implemented to prevent unwanted spamming so here are full details of how Autopilot works:

  • Tweets happen only when your strategy performance is better than BTC performance
  • Each Tweet includes your chart and BTC chart
  • Tweets happen each 24-36 hours (random), preventing spam and including random timings
  • Automatic Tweets happen separately from your manual Tweets (you can still generate manual Tweets if you feel like it)
  • Each Tweet includes a direct link to your strategy and a referral code connected to your account. This way you are generating followers and referrals at the same time.
  • Each Tweet includes random 4 hashtags from the crypto context, ensuring your exposure to users that follow crypto hashtags
  • Autopilot may be turned off at any time
  • The Twitter account may be disconnected at any time

While these are the initial parameters for the launch of this feature, we will be carefully monitoring the activity and your feedback, adjusting any of the parameters as needed shortly.

How do I start sharing my performance?

Log in to the platform and open your Crypto Strategy. Above the chart, there is a new button “Share your performance”. Click on the button and you will see a first step allowing you to configure a custom Tweet chart comparison that you may also download. Once you have published the first Tweet successfully you will be presented with a switch (default state: OFF) where you may turn ON Twitter Autopilot.

Feature Eligibility

  • Public Crypto Strategy on ICONOMI
  • Personal Twitter account connected with ICONOMI Twitter app
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