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Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) — What and Why
Apr 15, 2024

Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) — What and Why

For many financial professionals, navigating through an ever-evolving asset management industry can be a challenging task; especially given ever-evolving market conditions, and the constant demand for efficient and transparent services. This is where Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs) can make a real difference, as they offer a powerful and streamlined solution that can help financial advisors manage and grow their client portfolios.

But for more traditional financial firms (or those who are new to the industry), there may be a limited understanding of what a TAMP is, how it facilitates better management practices, and why they should integrate this tool into their services. For this reason, having a solid understanding of the ins and outs of TAMPs, and how they can significantly enhance client satisfaction and operational efficiency can be a game changer. 

This article will, therefore, provide an overview of Turnkey Asset Management Platforms in order to see whether integrating a TAMP is the right solution for your investment management needs.

Let's dive in!

What is a Turnkey Asset Management Platform? 

Put simply, a Turnkey Asset Management Platform (commonly known as a TAMP) is an all-encompassing service system that is designed to streamline investment management processes for financial advisors.

Going deeper, TAMPs act as powerful co-pilots for financial advisors, and provide an array of different services that include portfolio management, investment products, strategies, consolidated reporting and billing; to name a few utilities. This, in turn, gives advisors more time to focus on client and investor relationships, as the TAMP takes care of the day-to-day administrative and operational tasks.

Because TAMPs are powered by cutting-edge technology that is far more powerful and efficient than the capabilities of individual advisors, they provide a competitive edge when it comes to sophisticated asset allocations.

Types of Turnkey Asset Management Programs 

Turnkey Asset Management Platforms can vary significantly in their scope and services, catering to different types of financial advisors and client needs. Generally, there are three key types:

1. Comprehensive TAMPs: This platform type offers end-to-end solutions that cover all aspects of portfolio management, back-office support and client reporting. They are ideal for investment firms or advisors who want to completely outsource their investment management solution.

2. Strategic TAMPs: This category emphasises investment strategies and portfolio creation, offering advisors a selection of pre-designed portfolio models. These models cater to different risk levels and investment objectives, allowing for tailored financial planning.

3. Platform TAMPs: This TAMP is for advisors who want more control of the portfolio management process, but who, at the same time, want to delegate administrative and compliance duties to an efficient software platform. 

Each type of TAMP comes with its own set of advantages and is suitable for different business models and client management styles.

Why Should Financial Professionals Use a Turnkey Asset Management Program? 

Because the world of asset and wealth management is highly competitive, financial professionals are continuously having to identify new ways of improving their service offerings and efficiency. Naturally, Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs) can greatly help in this respect. 

It is important to note, however, that while TAMPs offer an array of enticing benefits, there are also potential downsides to consider.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages that you could encounter after integrating a TAMP into your financial advisory practice.


Enhanced Efficiency: TAMPs simplify many elements of asset management, including portfolio building and client reporting, freeing up advisors to concentrate on client relations and developing growth strategies. This is especially helpful for efficiently handling a large number of accounts.

Broader Expertise and Varied Strategies: TAMPs provide advisors with access to a wider array of products and investment strategies, which might be out of reach or difficult to manage on their own. This access extends to alternative investments, specialised asset classes, and expert insights from leading financial analysts.

Regulatory and Compliance Support: Staying updated with regulatory changes can be overwhelming for financial advisors. TAMPs frequently offer compliance support to help advisors adhere to legal and regulatory standards, minimising the risk of non-compliance.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Using TAMPs enables advisors to provide a more personalised service, offering a diverse range of investment choices and consistent, comprehensive reporting that clients value.

Disadvantages [H3]

Cost: While TAMPs can streamline operations and may boost revenue, they also involve fees. These costs can vary, and financial advisors with smaller client bases they may not always justify the benefits.

Reduced Control: Some advisors may find that using a TAMP restricts their hands-on management of client portfolios. This is especially true with platform and strategic TAMPs, where investment choices are typically pre-set.

Potential for Dependency: Over-reliance on a TAMP can make some practices overly dependent on its technology and services. This dependency could hinder a firm’s ability to independently adjust to industry shifts or to innovate.

Integration and Transition Challenges: Adopting a TAMP or incorporating it into existing systems can be intricate and lengthy. Challenges might include data migration, training staff, and modifying business processes to accommodate the new setup.

ICONOMI Wealth — Turnkey Asset Management Solution for Digital Assets 

In the finance sector, few investment advisories stand to gain as much from incorporating TAMPs as those specialising in digital assets. While various TAMPs cater to the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere, ICONOMI Wealth stands out due to its comprehensiveness and robustness.

ICONOMI Wealth is designed to help small to mid-sized firms (as well as individual financial advisors) manage multiple cryptocurrency portfolios with ease. It is particularly advantageous for those initiating their digital asset strategies, or mainstream advisors needing to meet client demands for alternative investments like crypto, without the necessity of developing internal infrastructure. 

Perks include an intuitive, asset manager-focused user interface, and automation capabilities that can handle the meticulous details of back-office processes; including compliance features and investor onboarding. This automation saves wealth managers significant time and resources, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making and client engagement.

ICONOMI Wealth also offers a holistic service that includes expert support in trading, compliance, and custody, and offers immediate access to over ten global exchanges, ensuring best price execution through smart order routing and multiple liquidity options. 

Moreover, asset managers who use ICONOMI's TAMP gain from a privately branded dashboard, which boosts their market presence and offers investors a seamless experience to securely monitor and track the progress of their portfolios.

As can be seen, ICONOMI Wealth serves as an excellent illustration of how integrating a TAMP not only lowers operational costs but also simplifies the intricate process of investing in alternative asset classes like cryptocurrencies.


As can be seen, it’s evident that Turnkey Asset Management Platforms represent a major leap forward in financial advisory services, offering effective solutions for the intricate challenges of modern asset management. While it's important to consider factors such as costs, potential loss of control, and dependence on technology, the advantages of using a TAMP generally outweigh these risks for many financial professionals.

Furthermore, as demonstrated by ICONOMI Wealth, the integration of TAMPs in managing digital assets showcases the platform's capability to cater to specialised markets, offering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of cryptocurrency investments. This adaptability and comprehensive service delivery underline the value of TAMPs, making them an increasingly indispensable tool in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services.

As the world of finance continues to evolve, the strategic implementation of a TAMP could very well be the difference between achieving sustained growth and a competitive advantage, or being surpassed by competitors.

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