Top Research Tools Crypto Investors Need in Their Arsenal
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Apr 3, 2023

Top Research Tools Crypto Investors Need in Their Arsenal

Every investor needs research tools to do their best job. Crypto investing is no different, as the crypto world is vast - there are so many different types of crypto tokens.

Some are used for utility, some for payment; others are used as securities. There are NFT tokens, stablecoins, privacy tokens, AI tokens, asset-backed tokens and more. What we’re trying to say here is that you need to stay informed about many projects and hundreds of coins. 


CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular crypto analysis tools and a must-have crypto for anyone conducting their crypto analysis. This comprehensive platform provides essential data on thousands of cryptocurrencies, providing the market cap, price, volume, and circulating supply. Additionally, you can see historical price data, charts, and market rankings, among many other features. CoinMarketCap is the perfect starting point for evaluating new investment opportunities and tracking your existing portfolio.


CoinGecko is another widely used crypto data aggregator, offering similar features to CoinMarketCap. Besides that, it includes additional information such as developer activity, community engagement, and public interest for a more thorough evaluation of a project's performance. CoinGecko's unique "Trust Score" feature helps with crypto analysis by letting investors determine the credibility of a cryptocurrency exchange.


Messari is an advanced crypto research platform that delivers comprehensive reports and analytics on hundreds of digital assets, offering extensive information on tokenomics, project fundamentals, and on-chain data, Messari's research reports are written by crypto analysis professionals. They provide valuable insights into a project's team, vision, and potential use cases, serving as one of the best crypto analysis tools. This platform is ideal for investors seeking a deeper understanding of the crypto market to make well-informed decisions.


Technical crypto analysis is a vital aspect of crypto investing. TradingView is the preferred crypto analysis tool for generating and examining custom charts. With an intuitive interface and a wide array of technical indicators, users can easily visualise current and past market trends and pinpoint potential entry and exit points in real-time. TradingView also hosts an active community where users can exchange ideas, strategies, and insights.


Glassnode is an on-chain data platform that supplies extensive information on the network activity and health of various cryptocurrencies. By analysing blockchain data, Glassnode enables investors to recognise trends, gauge market sentiment, and make informed decisions. Unique crypto analysis metrics such as the number of active addresses, transaction volume, and network value to transactions ratio (NVT) provide valuable insights into the market's current state, turning Glassnode into a popular crypto analysis tool.

Token Metrics

Token Metrics is an AI-powered platform designed to help investors identify lucrative investment opportunities in the crypto market. By integrating data from multiple crypto analysis sources, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and on-chain data, Token Metrics offers users a complete understanding of potential investment options. Token Metrics also includes a robust portfolio management tool and a lively community for users to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

Social Media and News

One of the best ways to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the crypto world is by following social media. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram are excellent sources for real-time information and community discussions. Despite that, care should be taken with information, as most anything on the internet goes. Always, always, Do Your Own Research (DYOR


ICONOMI combines many of these aspects, connecting you with many crypto market veterans. You can read their posts and insights, similar to what you can do on social media, but here you actually see what they do with their own money. They’re putting money where their mouth is, sharing their crypto analysis. 

You can also see charts of over a hundred and fifty cryptocurrencies, their price histories, market caps, and returns, using ICONOMI as a crypto analysis tool. What’s more, we provide you with an asset health measure based on its liquidity, available markets, and a few other metrics. You can see this metric when rebalancing your Crypto Strategy

Building a crypto portfolio is no easy task, regardless of which crypto research tools you use. Your next read could be our blog post on how to build your first crypto portfolio. 

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