Social trading gets an upgrade

Social trading gets an upgrade

Today we are releasing an upgrade to our social trading aspect. All users are getting auto-generated handles and display names that will represent them on the platform. To further extend our social trading features with bidirectional comments, internal gift cards, and other new functionalities, we needed to implement a handle and display name that provides our users with “anonymity”.

Set your handle and display name ASAP

After logging in on the web platform, you are now able to set your handle and display name. Simply click on your profile or visit the following link: and enter the display name and handle you want to use. Keep in mind, both handle and display names will be shared with other users in the future so avoid using your first name, last name or any other personal information unless you explicitly want to do so. The maximum number of times you can change your display name and handle is limited to 2, so keep that in mind. Please avoid using offensive names or identifying as someone else on the platform since we will monitor those changes and act accordingly.


Why is the handle important, and where is it used?
In future updates, the handle will represent a unique link to your public profile. With it, others users will be able to interact with you personally and your Crypto Strategies. It also serves as an anonymity layer so your first name and last name can remain private.

Why is the display name important, and where is it used?
The display name is a readable extension of your handle. Display names will become a cornerstone of social trading interactions such as gift cards, messages, and comments. It also serves as an anonymity layer so your first name and last name can remain private.

Can other users match my personal information via the handle or display name?
No, unless any of those contains your first name, last name, or any other personal data.

How does this affect my privacy? Where will you be sharing my display name and handle?
There is no way other users can reverse engineer your real ID using only the display name or handle. Handles will be used for public comments, direct messages, and other similar features.

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