Control your Investment with Smart Rules
Mar 13, 2023

Control your Investment with Smart Rules

There are countless scenarios in crypto where you would like to have as much control over your investment as possible. We’re giving you just that with Smart Rules, opening up the automated features of ICONOMI to all investors on the platform. There are two parts to Smart Rules; one set of them allows you to invest gradually, and the other gives you even more control over the funds copying Strategies.

Smart Rules: Invest Gradually 

DCA-ing was already possible on ICONOMI by using our old feature called AutoInvest. We revisited AutoInvest and deemed it obsolete, choosing to rework it as a part of this update, keeping its essence but making it much more usable. 

Now, using Recurring Copy or Recurring Buy, you can activate your funds on ICONOMI and invest them automatically. Set up the time frame you want: every day, every few days, or weekly, and ICONOMI will execute that trade for you. You can either copy any Crypto Strategy available on the platform or buy any single asset, all without lifting a finger. 

We made it to be as simple to set up as possible. First, you’ll need to deposit funds to ICONOMI. You can do this in a plethora of ways, such as depositing euro or British pound using a credit card, using Skrill, or transferring crypto. Afterwards, click the “Smart Rules” tab on your portfolio, select whether you want to invest in a single cryptocurrency or a Crypto Strategy, and follow the wizard.

Invest Gradually is a great way to invest using the daily cost average (DCA) strategy, as it does not care about the market, increasing your portfolio gradually. No matter if you’re working, sleeping, or sailing the seven seas, this Rule will see your investments grow from wherever you are!

Smart Rules: Take Profits & Stop Losses 

We pulled the tech from Crypto Strategy Rules, revised and refitted it, and applied it to everyone’s portfolios. In function, this means that you can set up your own Rules while you copy Strategies.
In this update, we’re presenting you with two options - the take profits Rule and the Stop losses Rule.

Profit-Take Rule 

This Rule helps you guarantee that you secure the profits you make from copying a Strategy. As such, you do not need to worry about the Strategist taking the profits - you can do it yourself and invest them in a different Strategy, a single asset, or into a more stable currency. 

You can set the percentage you want to stop copying with, so you don’t need to stop copying with everything at once. Additionally, you can set up for it to rebalance only your profit, keeping the seed investment intact for future potential gains. 

Trailing Stop-Loss Rule

This Rule protects your investment when the market takes a sudden dive or the Strategy you copy doesn’t perform well. It will automatically stop copying a Strategy when your investment falls by the percentage you specify. Your investment will then be moved into any asset on the platform, be it into euro, British pound, USDC, UDST, or even Bitcoin.  

It’s also named trailing stop loss, which means that it always looks at the highest peak in value of your investment, and rebalances if it falls below the specified percentage from that point.

This Rule will be triggered when the Strategy you are copying falls by the percentage you specified and immediately initiates a rebalance. In practice, if you set the parameter to -5%, you will automatically stop copying the Strategy when it falls by 5%.

Smart Rules for Everyone

Setting up Smart Rules for your investments can greatly benefit you, and your investment through dollar cost averaging or by directly rebalancing your assets. Everyone’s needs are different, and everyone has a different risk tolerance when it comes to investing, so decide what feels best for you and set up Smart Rules now

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