Rules update and Nightwatch

Rules update and Nightwatch


Protect my assets for the next 12 hours

The pain

Have you ever been in a situation where you look at the market before bed and dread what might happen during the night? Set alarms every two hours, hoping to catch a potential drop? All your Crypto Strategy gains could be compromised while you’re catching your zzz’s...

With today's release, you can sleep peacefully again. Nightwatch is a Crypto Strategy rule simplification, targeted at all Strategists that need someone to keep an eye on their strategy while they are sleeping or busy.

The gain

Nightwatch can be turned on in a few seconds. Simply set the percentage drop of your Strategy value and a stable coin you want to escape to if things go south. In case of a drop, an automatic rebalance will be triggered, and your whole strategy structure will trade to a stable coin, protecting you and your copiers from potential loss.

Nightwatch Configuration parameters and limits

To configure Nightwatch, you need to set the following:

  • Percentage drop of the strategy value, which triggers the rebalance
  • Selection of stable coins (USDT, USDC) that are used for 100% of your rebalance if the trigger point is met

Preconfigured limits:

  • Nightwatch works only for drop scenarios at this point
  • Once turned on, Nightwatch works for 12 hours. Afterward, it automatically turns off. It can also be manually turned off at any time.
  • Nightwatch is configured as a typical stop loss and does not provide trailing stop loss functionality at this point. This means that a high watermark is fixed on the point when Nightwatch was turned on and a potential drop is calculated from that point
  • Once triggered, Nightwatch moves to a user selected stable coin with 100% weight

Existing Rules update

We updated existing Rules with the following changes and additional options:

No more templates

Usage of templates has been deprecated. Now users can set the target structure upon rule creation.

Trailing stop-loss rule

A trailing stop-loss rule that gets triggered on user-defined percentage drop, from the high water mark achieved by the strategy.

Profit-take rule

A profit-take rule that gets triggered on user-defined percentage increase, designed to take profits.

Price-based rule

Rule triggered on an exact price of a single asset, as defined by the user.


Is Nightwatch replacing existing Rules?

No, Nightwatch is a rule simplification intended for fast configuration with a simple goal in mind: “Protect my assets for the next 12 hours”.

Is it possible to use Rules to simulate Nightwatch?

Yes. With today's update, you can utilize rules with advanced options that allow you to amplify your strategy. The only difference is, advanced or manually created rules are fully configurable by the user.

Will you be changing Nightwatch in the future with more configurable options?

It depends. For now, we want to keep Nightwatch as simple as possible- to introduce Strategists to rules. We will monitor feature and community requests and adjust Nightwatch accordingly in the future.