Recent platform improvements

What we've done in the past months

Recent platform improvements

As always, the ICONOMI team has been hard at work improving the platform in many key ways. Here are some improvements from the last couple of months.

The most exciting update was card deposits - allowing for both Mastercard and Visa deposits 24/7. We’ve all grown accustomed to the convenience of depositing whenever we want to, and now investing on ICONOMI has the same feeling.

Following market updates was made much easier as well. We changed how you access the Crypto news & posts page as well as improved the Twitter integration, allowing for you to instantly tweet your posts from ICONOMI.

We switched our KYC (know your customer) provider, which improved user registration immensely. It now, on average, takes only 1 minute to go from inputting your email address for the first time to being able to deposit to the platform. Combined with card deposits, you or your friends can start investing within minutes after hearing of ICONOMI.

We continue to work to answer all your questions as soon as possible and provide you with the best answers we can. That’s why support got upgraded with an advanced AI support bot, which is taught to reply to high-frequency tickets allowing for easier communication with users. If you need anything, feel free to contact us!

Of course, those are just the bigger changes we’ve done. We’re pushing constant improvements in both security and speed of the platform. Stay tuned for our next report on our updates coming by the end of September.

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