Planica NFT - Ski Jumpers Planica 2022

Planica NFT - Ski Jumpers Planica 2022

As is tradition, Planica is hosting the Ski Jumping World Cup finals. This year, we will celebrate this event with the first-ever Planica NFT collection: Planica 2022, hosted by ICONOMI.

NFTs are an exceptional collector's opportunity, so we know that many sports enthusiasts will want a unique piece from our Planica 2022 collection. Our aim is to help the sport and to give something back to the athletes.

That's why 33% of all funds raised will go to athletes, 33% to their national ski organizations, and 33% to the organizing committee of Planica.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, more commonly known as NFTs, are unique assets that exist on the blockchain. They come in the form of digital collectables or even tangible items that can be easily traded on the blockchain. Every NFT has an ID code that proves its legitimacy, creation, and ownership.

Where and when will the auction start?

The Planica 2022 NFT Marketplace and auction is hosted on the ICONOMI platform. Bidding will be open from 18 March 10:00 CET to 27 March 12:00 CET 2022. Preview of NFTs will be available from 15 March 2022. We suggest that you register your ICONOMI account and prepare Tether (USDT) balance before those dates.

See the Planica NFT Collection.

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