Minutes With the Strategists episode 2
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Apr 13, 2023

Minutes With the Strategists episode 2

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, staying ahead of the game is a challenging task. One way of keeping up is to sit down with the minds who have been actively trading for years on end. I had the privilege of sitting down with the people behind Rational Active Allocation and Mountains and Valleys. These two industry veterans shared their unique perspectives on the current crypto market, their trading philosophies, and what they envision for the future of cryptocurrencies.

Here are a few highlights that stood out to me, starting off with their outlook on the current bear market: 

For us, it's currently easier to keep conviction than it was back in 2018. I would say the market really shut down then. There was so little… I was building in defi back then, and even people who were actively building had lost faith to a certain extent. Even when they had these cool platforms out there like Aave and others. From 2019 to 20 and they had like one user per day or something like that. And the TVL took like half a year to creep up from 1 million to five million. And it was it was this mall, and right now, while we still have a lot of noise and grifting and scamming in space. There's also so much going on in terms of the evolution of the underlying technology but also the products on top of it. For me, it's not even I'm not even caring that much about the duration of the bear market anymore because there's so much to see.
Mountains and Valleys talking about the current bear market in comparison to the ones of the past
The bear market is a time to learn, a time to hone your skills, and, you know, everyone's making the same mistakes, you know? I joked with my partner: the first cycle, we had stablecoins. Now, some people would have remembered steam dollars and new bits and guess what happened to them? They went to zero; there were exchange hacks. I mean, in that first cycle, you know, we're still waiting for those to happen. Then the second cycle. We had, you know, USDT, USDC de-pegging, we had the Terra Luna debacle, and now, we've got FTX. Every cycle’s gonna have the exact same thing play out in exactly the same time frame. 
Rational Active Allocation's answer on the same topic

And, of course, we touched upon some investment tips. This is how Rational Active Allocation thinks of personal investment levels:

Taking profits is what I think makes a Professional, you know, manager and investor. If it's the thing that sort of most people struggle with. Anyone can buy an asset, but actually taking profits is probably the hardest thing; because do you take it too early? Do you take it too late? It's always the same. I think one, you know, one sort of strategy is that when you can't sleep because your position is so big, you really shouldn't be in that position
Rational Active Allocation about what makes a good investor

Throughout the podcast episode, Rational Active Allocation and Mountains and Valleys offered invaluable insights and advice to both newcomers and experienced traders alike. Luckily, I’m not the only one who can listen to what they have to say. Head over to Youtube or Spotify to listen to the second episode of Minutes with the Strategists, and see into the minds behind these two amazing Crypto Strategies. 

And finally, I'd like to thank both of them for participating! If you would like to view and copy their Crypto Strategies, click the following links: Rational Active Allocation and Mountains and Valleys.

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