Kash Capital going public

Kash Capital going public

Strategy behind Kash Capital

The purpose is to get a decent return from the investment.
The logic -> Project analysis, VC backing analysis, Swing trading, News trading, Bitcoin, FX, Index
The Rules - > I like to hold my positions for medium- to long-term. My risk is always low and I do proper research before making any decisions.

You studied computer science and cybersecurity – how does your profession help with choosing the right projects? Which red flags are you looking at?

Since we are four individuals on a team, speaking about myself isn’t fair, but CS and Cyber Security knowledge gives me the advantage of studying the code of new projects which reduces the risk by avoiding trading/investing projects with bad code.

Also, because we’re in different fields, we can cross question our research which makes us pick good projects and avoid mistakes.

Your strategy will shift among high, mid, and low cap coins. Why? Are there also other criteria that you are looking at?

This would give a lot of information regarding our strategy, so we would not like to discuss much. But you can research on Google why low and mid cap are good investments in crypto.

What were the core lessons from the 2018-2019 bear market period you took?

Follow the trend and don’t fight it. Trade less and research more.

Will the Ethereum ecosystem be challenged? By whom?

Yes, Polkadot and Binance chain is the major ETH challenger.

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