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Jasmy Latest News and Developments
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Jun 5, 2024

Jasmy Latest News and Developments

JasmyCoin (JASMY), a Japanese blockchain and IoT project, has recently grabbed significant attention in the crypto world. The token saw a substantial price surge following speculation about its involvement with Apple's integration of Japan's "My Number" ID system into iPhones. Although JasmyCoin isn't directly partnered with Apple, the market's reaction to the news was overwhelmingly positive. This excitement was further fueled by JasmyCoin's recent achievement of reaching a two-year high at $0.041833, marking a significant price increase. Investors remain optimistic about JASMY's potential, with predictions suggesting it could end Q3 2024 at $0.07.

Explanation and Market Sentiment

JasmyCoin operates within the decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) sector, focusing on data storage and management through blockchain technology. It allows users to have full control over their IoT-generated data, securing it on the Jasmy platform. The recent price surge is partly attributed to the bullish sentiment around DePIN, which has surpassed a market cap of $29 billion. Despite not being directly involved in Apple's new feature, JasmyCoin continues to benefit from the broader industry's growth and the positive attention it garners from investors.

Price History

JasmyCoin has had a volatile price history, characteristic of many cryptocurrencies. Recently, JASMY experienced a notable uptrend, achieving a 47% increase in just seven days. This surge brought the token into the spotlight, with significant accumulation from traders and increased analyst attention. As of now, the price of JASMY stands at $0.038872, with support level at $0.021770, and resistance level at $0.048640. The token has shown resilience and potential for growth, with bullish predictions for the near future.

Technical Analysis

From a technical standpoint, JasmyCoin's recent price action has been impressive. The token broke out of an ascending triangle, resulting in a 63% price burst. Currently, JASMY is trading well above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages, indicating a strong bullish trend. However, the price left some unfilled fair value gaps (FVGs) around the $0.032 and $0.028 levels. These gaps represent areas of market inefficiencies that need to be revisited for stable price action. These levels also align with the 0.38 and 0.5 Fibonacci retracement levels, suggesting potential support zones. After potentially retracing to these levels, JASMY might bounce back and aim for the 0.27 Fibonacci extension level around $0.046. Eventually, analysts predict the price could rally to $0.064, facing significant resistance at that level.

Future Outlook 

Looking ahead, JasmyCoin is positioned to continue its upward trajectory, especially as the DePIN sector matures and garners more interest. The involvement of industry giants like Apple in related projects adds to the optimism. Some analysts forecast that JASMY could reach $0.1 by the end of the year, driven by increasing adoption and integration of its technology. However, it's important to note that JASMY is currently listed in Binance's monitoring zone, indicating heightened volatility and risk. Investors should keep an eye on market developments and regulatory updates to make informed decisions.


JasmyCoin has recently emerged as a significant player in the cryptocurrency market, fueled by speculation, industry trends, and technological advancements. Despite the nuances in the news surrounding its indirect association with Apple's latest developments, the token has shown considerable growth and potential. With a bullish outlook and technical indicators pointing towards further gains, JASMY remains an interesting asset for investors to watch. As the DePIN sector evolves and more real-world applications of JasmyCoin's technology materialise, the token's future looks promising, albeit with some inherent risks.

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