Introducing GoldHorn crypto

Introducing GoldHorn crypto
Interviewee: Matjaz Rakovec, StartUp Co-Founder

After almost four years as a startup investor in the GoldHorn Crypto project, why did the Team decide to change and enrich the offer with new strategies in 2020?

The Team has been closely following blockchain development since 2016, especially actively in the financial area. The Team started with the "Global Blockchain Array - TOP15 (GBA15)" strategy in January 2018. Also, a full roadmap of GoldHorn Crypto is available on the new website:

It was time to further develop and introduce enriched offers of new strategies to access crypto with different exposures and risks. The timing was just right, since everything was perfectly set up: from crypto adoption by regulators, investment, and financial media coverage to the 3rd Bitcoin halving and central banks interventionism with a new money supply due to global events in the first half of 2020.

Furthermore, this year’s State-of-The-Union speech held in September 2020 by the EU Commission, led by Ursula von den Leyen, opened a clear vision of a Digital Europe, a Single Market, and the Capital Markets Union (CMU). EU Commissioner stressed the need for “a common approach with Member States on cryptocurrencies to ensure we understand how to make the most of the opportunities they create and address the new risks they may pose.”
In addition, also in September 2020 the EU leaked a completely new proposal for the legal framework of crypto assets. It is in the same line as the current MiFID II directive that covers financial markets within the EU, but the new legislation “Market in Crypto-Assets (MiCA)” (with EEA relevance!), has been proposed as a Regulation, not a Directive, so this means a common approach for all EU Member States at once.
This is a firm confirmation that the EU has a clear vision of Digital Finance for the EU Financial Sector with the aim to ensure that the EU embraces the digital revolution, and that it will drive it with innovative European firms.
That’s a clear sign for GoldHorn Crypto not only that the Team’s vision and mission was set right, but it also gives confidence and a legal framework. The legislation is set to be enacted after 2022, so GoldHorn Crypto has a lot of work to do. And that’s great.
Also, recent FinCEN leakage on the misconduct of “big banks” shows the vulnerability of The System, and blockchain is surely the answer to make it better, fairer, and more efficient.

Does your name, GoldHorn, have an interesting back story?

GoldHorn is a legendary  Slovenian white chamois or capricorn. As the legend goes, its golden horns were the key to finding a treasure hidden in the Slovenian Alps. GoldHorn Crypto is meant to depict a firm, a stable business environment, and development, as well as convey a subtle message that the Team’s ideas, knowledge, and expertise comes from Slovenia. The capricorn also represents the characteristics of the Team, such as ambition, hard work, and goal orientation.

Also, our website conveys a subtle message of the City of Kranj with photos of World’s first Bitcoin roundabout monument. That combined, places GoldHorn Crypto in the Carniola region, and also positions Slovenia as an innovative and developed global western-oriented country.

You are one of the most progressive “crypto mayors” in the world - not only are you a crypto expert, but also you head a city with a rich crypto history. Your city even has a big Bitcoin monument there. What is the vibe within the crypto community in your city/country?

Throughout the crypto-boom, there have been a lot of outstanding projects here. Many young entrepreneurs  launched lots of new projects. We now know that not all of them succeeded, but their knowledge, stamina, and momentum endured. Altogether, Slovenia as a country has many young talents who have made their debut in the crypto sphere. The Team is proud of that. So, the Team continues to make its presence felt on a global scale. Personally, I am proud to be the Mayor of Kranj, the city where several crypto companies operate and where numerous innovative startups are being established in parallel with a strong traditional economy.

How do you see crypto evolving in the next one to two years? Will we see faster adoption?

One thing is certain: crypto is here to stay. Adoption has its pace, and compliance and the legal framework has already been set by the consensus that was made by G7 or G20 through the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and Financial Stability Board (FSB). In the EU, crypto is expected to be regulated or monitored by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). It’s happening as we speak, MiCA legislative is here. The Team is following the measures and steps as to how the regulatory framework is being built. It is magnificent how similar the philosophy of the MiCA legal framework is to current financial markets regulation, and so  the Team’s expertise developed in the past. This means that it is more than in GoldHorn Crypto’s favor to conduct further business development.

Nevertheless, there’s also an acknowledgment that lots of crypto solutions have developed way beyond the current regulatory framework and have  excellent solutions for all of us. There’s so much more to benefit from these solutions that, as said before, they are here to stay.

For example, the smart contract platform Tezos (XTZ) will participate in the central bank digital currency (CBDC) with tests being conducted by Société Générale Group (Forge – Digital Capital Markets) on behalf of the Bank of France. The Bank of France selected Société Générale Group, along with other finance behemoths like HSBC and Accenture, to experiment with CBDCs. Switzerland is making legislative moves and adoption, also with cooperation between Kantons Zug and Zürich. US big banks are making large investments into blockchain. So, the signs are clear. Big financial corporations are entering crypto and the Team knew that it was happening “behind the scenes.” And now it is official.

Your passive strategies do not include emotions since the logic of rebalancing is defined. Is this the best way to start exposure to crypto?

It's GoldHorn Crypto’s main objective to set strategies that have similarities to traditional investment approaches, some sector allocations, some risky Venture tastes, etc. The Team acknowledges that tokens, coins, or cryptocurrencies have, or will have or bear different types of (intrinsic) values and assets. Those assets need to be managed. So, the decision was simple. Keep it simple and go back to basics. The Team utilizes classic asset management, which is proven, solid, transparent, and has been a robust strategy throughout history. People who want exposure in crypto and have been reluctant to do so before, can now do it with a reasonable and universal approach. The Team applied knowledge that sets maximum benefit for all users in terms of costs, clear strategies, exposures, risks, and profitability. This “no emotions” approach has been developed in the investment field for decades.

The Team has a vision to spread decentralized solutions into the portfolios of as many citizens of the world as possible. To make it truly decentralized.

So, users who follow GoldHorn Crypto strategies know exactly what to expect from products. If users have their investments in real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold, etc. why not add some percentage of exposure to crypto assets. Let’s consider it as “future investments”.

Users can always follow different strategies at the time and momentum as it fits them. So, GoldHorn Crypto empowers users with their emotions, knowledge, timing, and also offers the crypto community possibilities for social trading, sharing, etc. The crypto community will always have a solution in GoldHorn Crypto’s strategies when needed. GoldHorn Crypto is here and is here to stay.

What about new products, availability, and access?

Sure, it’s much more simple at the moment than classic investments. And that's the main advantage of whole blockchain/crypto solutions. Nevertheless, the Team offers GoldHorn Crypto solutions to users from more than 210 countries around the world (more than 4 billion citizens!) with a minimum size of only €10,00 on each strategy. Funds are also tradable and available 24/7 on smart devices via the app and can be transferred to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Euro (€). Furthermore, users can withdraw Euros to their personal bank accounts via SEPA IBAN/SWIFT payments, which are fully KYC/AML compliant.

So, if a user is more sceptical, he or she can start with a conservative strategy and follow it via the app, and later move whatever quantity she/he wants to other, more risky and volatile strategies (Balanced, Moderate, Dynamic, DeFi, or Venture) just with a swipe on his or her smart device.

During summer 2020, GoldHorn Crypto also developed and launched another strategy, this one is more sector-oriented and trendy, hence the name GoldHorn Crypto DeFi. It represents the most popular sector, which has also gained recognition in the EU Digital Finance package – that’s Decentralized Finance. Its strategy is equally weighted and mostly passive. The Team recognized that continuous stability gave GoldHorn Crypto recognition as its DeFi strategy was very well accepted by users and resulted in an increased inflow of Euros.

Many times you mention “The Team.” Can you tell us a little bit about these members?

My personal vast network allows me to follow the latest trends in the industry I have worked in for several years. So, when the time was right, I deepened cooperation with the Team in 2016 when crypto had its boom. GoldHorn Crypto represents a Team of highly skilled and motivated professionals. The Team has experience in the investment field gained through decades of holding top positions, including chief executive functions in brokerage and insurance companies, supervisory positions in finance-related companies in trading and asset management departments, as well as experience in online trading, investment advisory mandates, relationship management, compliance, risk management, ICO projects, and more. The Team has a broad international network with expertise in professional conduct and approaches with a detailed-oriented focus in order to fulfill GoldHorn Crypto users' needs. Nevertheless, it’s the honest, profoundly knowledgeable approach and transparent fundamentals of the Team that has given the GoldHorn Crypto project a boost.

We saw a major correction in the beginning of September 2020. How did your products perform?

That's a great question, and all strategies performed according to their strategy objectives. The Team is proud of that. So, if a user had or moved its assets into the GoldHorn Crypto Conservative or Balanced strategy, the loss or volatility was much lower than the ones which were more volatile (Venture, Dynamic, DeFi). Furthermore, active users can always also switch their funds on the app from more volatile to less in a matter of moments with just a finger swipe, 24/7. Also, the second correction in September after the FinCEN leakage is a sign of the market self-cleaning misconduct and bad business practices. The Team welcomes these facts.

It's worth sharing with the public that during the correction, the Team saw quite a few new assets being added to strategies. This gives a clear sign that the interested public in crypto already follows and actively uses GoldHorn Crypto products. This also gives a great sense of trust in the crypto community and “newbies” – for which the Team is most thankful. GoldHorn Crypto’s commitment is to also strengthen that trust in the future. There are now more than 250 users across the globe using GoldHorn Crypto strategy solutions with Assets under Management (AuM) exceeding €300,000.00, and both numbers are rising.

Last but not least, there is another strategy in the development pipeline, and the name is already set up. Its structure will be more exposed to the “King of Crypto,” and that’s Bitcoin (BTC). This structure should be more suitable for new users that are gaining experience with crypto or have the need for classic (mainly) Bitcoin exposure. And of course at a low cost. The Team is considering the right timing for its launch.

After this GoldHorn Crypto strategic move, what are next challenges for GoldHorn Crypto in terms of business development?

We have been working hard and will continue to do so in the future. The legislative is here and these are great fundamentals to work on. The Team considers focus on two major pillars within GoldHorn Crypto. The first is market product management (strategies), and the second is marketing and promotion. All of that wrapped up with compliance. The Team has already established interest within a B2B network on an affiliate/referral program, which can generate passive income revenues of 50.00% of following fees of all strategies, thanks to the support of our strategic partner - ICONOMI. Interested B2B partners are welcomed to onboard, in order to do so, please write to the Team on [email protected].

Despite a digital marketing approach, also supported by ICONOMI, the Team has added a new marketing strategy with ESG momentum, which has seen quite a rise of capital inflows in the investment industry in 2020. The Team also registered GoldHorn Crypto with ESG slogan at European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), so GoldHorn Crypto is a registered trademark. This vision gives us a pipeline for a marketing loop for sustainability and responsible investing. Since there’s no such thing in the crypto sphere yet, the Team applied ESG mechanisms or taxonomy to the GoldHorn Crypto company. The goal is that a trigger will be set when GoldHorn Crypto reaches cca. €20,000,000.00 Assets under Management (AuM).  The Team is comfortable that GoldHorn Crypto will reach that goal by building further trust within the crypto community, and new users as well from the traditional investment space.

The Team welcomes interested public and potential business strategic partners to visit our new website:, or to write an email [email protected] or [email protected]. Also, you can follow us on our new Twitter account: @GoldHornCrypto.

Welcome to GoldHorn Crypto.

You can check GoldHorn strategies here:

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