ICONOMI introducing a Referral program

Our referral program is based on a long-term connection between you and your friends. You get to earn from Crypto Strategies fees each month.

ICONOMI introducing a Referral program

We're excited to announce that as of now, our users can earn something extra by spreading the love about ICONOMI.

At ICONOMI, we designed our referral program around our product. All of our Crypto Strategies are equipped with either following or performance fees. So we found a way to split the fees with you through our referral program. Instead of earning once for each referral you bring, we create a long-term connection between you and your friend, where you earn each month from the fees collected from all your referrals. Amazing, isn’t it?

Why spreading the love is good for you

When you bring new friends to the ICONOMI platform, you’ll earn something extra each time they follow any of the Crypto Strategies. Moreover, if you are a Crypto Strategy manager, you’ll be rewarded no matter what – if they follow your Crypto Strategy, or if they follow someone else's.

How the ICONOMI referral program works

You can track your progress and total earnings at all times

Keep in mind that earnings will automatically be deposited to your account once a month by ICONOMI.

There are three ways you can initialise a referral:

  • Share a referral link via a Social network, blog, or any website under your control
  • Send a referral email to your friends and talk to them about ICONOMI
  • Create a custom referral QR code

Don’t wait, invite friends & get rewarded each month!

You’ll find the ‘Referral’ page on your ICONOMI account and even more info on the dedicated page.

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