We are excited to announce that as of now, our users from 182 countries can earn something extra by spreading the love about ICONOMI.

We’ve all seen referral programs in the past… Bring a friend, get X reward (be it 10 EUR, or 10 GB of storage space). All referrals have one thing in common though, a single referral brings you a one-time reward.

At ICONOMI, we designed our referral program around our product. All of our funds are equipped with either management or performance (coming next week) fees. So we found a way to split the fees with you through our referral program. Instead of earning once for each referral you bring, we create a long-term connection between you and your friend, where you earn each month from the fees collected from all your referrals. Amazing, isn’t it?

Why spreading the love is good for you

When you bring new friends to the ICONOMI platform, you’ll earn something extra each time they invest in any of the Crypto Funds. The reward period for referrers will last for at least two years. Moreover, if you are a Crypto Fund manager, you’ll be rewarded no matter what – if they invest in your Crypto Fund, or if they invest in someone else's.

How the ICONOMI referral program works

You can track your progress and total earnings at all times

Keep in mind, earnings will automatically be deposited as bitcoin (BTC) to your account once a month by ICONOMI.

There are three ways you can initialise a referral:

  • Share a referral link via a Social network, blog, or any website under your control
  • Send a referral email to your friends and talk to them about ICONOMI
  • Create a custom referral QR code

Let’s take a look at some hypothetical scenarios

What you can expect from the referral program

You’ve invited four new friends and they each invest €1000 in ICONOMI Crypto Funds. The market goes up by 8% in one month.

The fees of our imaginary Crypto Funds are:

  • Performance Fee: 20% (NEW: coming next week)
  • Management Fee: 2%

Take a look at how much you’d get rewarded in three different scenarios.

  • They invest in one of ICONOMI’s Crypto Funds
    Your friends would now collectively own €4,320 and pay €70.70 in fees. Your reward in this case would be €35.30.
  • They invest in your Crypto Fund and one other ICONOMI Crypto Fund
    Your friends would again collectively own €4,320 and pay €70.70 in fees. But in this case you would earn 45.90 EUR in fees (or 30% more).
  • They invest only in your Crypto Fund
    Your friends would now collectively own €4,320 and pay €70.70 in fees. Your reward in this case would be €56.50 (or 60% more).

How do you earn a vacation?
If you believe as we do in crypto spreading all over, then imagine that one friend invests €50.000 and it turns into €250.000 in a year. With a 20% performance fee and a 2% management fee, you could earn well over €40.000.

*The calculations above are simplified for easier understanding.

Select the ‘Referral’ page in the top right corner of your ICONOMI account

Don’t wait, invite friends & get rewarded each month!

You’ll find the ‘Referral’ page on your ICONOMI account and even more info on a dedicated page.

Announcement: Performance fees coming next week!

If you have already created your own Crypto Fund, we have more good news for you!

Next week, we will launch another amazing feature - Performance fees. You will be able to set the performance fee of your Crypto Fund and earn extra income if your Crypto Fund will perform well.

If you haven’t yet created a Crypto Fund, now is a good time 🙂