Now anybody can create and manage their own Crypto Fund

(Special note: as of November 2019, Crypto Funds were transformed into a new product - Crypto Strategies)

We are proud to announce that ICONOMI is the first company in the world that has enabled the creation of Crypto Funds to everyone. We like to say With Instagram, anyone can be a photographer. With Uber, anyone can be a taxi driver, and now with ICONOMI, anyone can create and manage their own Crypto Fund, explains Tim M. Zagar, Co-Founder & CEO at ICONOMI.

Why create your own Crypto Fund?

We believe that diversification is key. When creating your own Crypto Fund, you can invest in 70+ cryptocurrencies with a single click. No more managing multiple exchange accounts, setting up complex orders, transferring cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another. Everything is done on our platform, with you owning only one account. Moreover, you can earn an extra buck or two by inviting others to invest.

What is a Crypto Fund?

A Crypto Fund is a collection of multiple cryptocurrencies, providing instant diversification. Have you heard of the expression “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”? This is basically one of the most known investment techniques, which aims to maximize the potential profit and minimizes risks concerning cryptocurrency investing.

The perks of having your own Crypto Fund

You get to:

  • choose from 70+ cryptocurrencies
  • enjoy lower trading fees
  • invite others to invest
  • use our trading algorithms to get the best prices
  • make rebalances with one click directly on the platform
  • save your time

How do you create one at ICONOMI?

It literally takes minutes.

All you have to do is choose your favorite cryptocurrencies, make the first buy-in, and you are ready to roll.

Apply for creating your own Crypto Fund

Due to high demand for Crypto Funds, apply already today. We will be sending our invites out periodically - keep an eye on our Social Media & your email.