Tracking Your Referral Earnings
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Aug 16, 2021

Tracking Your Referral Earnings

ICONOMI Referral program

ICONOMI has a really cool referral system. It’s slightly different from similar systems you’re accustomed to, but it’s very simple in essence. Instead of earning once for each referral you bring, we create a long-term connection between you and your referred friend. You earn each month from the fees collected from all your referrals. Amazing, isn’t it?
You can learn more details about our referral program here .

So how can I track my earnings related to referral?


Visit your Earnings page, where you can find an overview of your earnings. This section includes information about the total sum of your earnings. Here you can track how much you earned in the current month, and you can visualize the numbers through the graphs presented.

Earning history

In this section, you will find disaggregated data of your referral channels, categorized by specific periods. Through this, you have a perfect overview of which channels bring you the most earnings and which month was your best. You can see your earning history as well.

Earnings activity

In this table, you can find all transactions related to what you earned.

My strategy fees (Performance & Copy fees)

If you have already created a Crypto Strategy, you most likely know all about Performance & Copy fees. Maybe all you need is a good tool to interpret how much you actually earn by running your Strategy?

How can I track my earnings related to My Strategy?

By visiting the Earnings page, you have a perfect overview of how much you earned with your fees. Similarly to referral earnings, your fees will be a part of the data, shown in the Overview section - history and all included.

You don’t have your own Crypto Strategy yet? Generate a new channel to monetize your knowledge and expand your monthly income by CREATING A CRYPTO STRATEGY.

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