You get to choose from among 70+ cryptocurrencies! Start with a €100 Buy-in and invite others to invest. Check out this step-by-step guide & learn how to do it in a matter of minutes.

The Creation

Firstly, you get to choose the name and handle of your Crypto Fund. Secondly, you define your structure (choose from 70+ cryptocurrencies), make the first Buy-in (min. €100) and your own Crypto Fund is up & running.

Always wanted to have a fund named Masteroftheuniverse? You got it, just make sure you’re the first one to get that cool name 😎

Register at ICONOMI & set up a Crypto Fund in minutes

The Invitations

After the creation of your Crypto Fund, you get to invite others to invest. By that, you can help out newbies that don't know how to start the crypto journey, and earn an extra buck or two for yourself by setting the management fee (0 – 10%).

Invite others to invest

The Rebalances

You can make changes in your structure anytime you want. Choose from 70+ cryptocurrencies and make a rebalance within minutes with a single click.

“Management itself is simple and easy via the dashboard, and re-balancing involves simply entering new percentages for each project to make up 100 (of course),” explains Ade M. Campbell in his blog post.
Rebalancing the structure

We invite you to create your own Crypto Fund here and try it out. It really is super easy to use 😎