GRAZZP - a new Crypto Strategy

GRAZZP - a new Crypto Strategy

What is your strategy about? And where do you see the best opportunity these days?

Pope Francis said, “We do not live in an era of change, but in change of eras”

I personally believe this is so true. People who were born 80 years ago, now live in a world they hardly recognize. There are many big movements driving this change. Here are just a few;

  • Technology is leading our lives, and our view of the world will be more and more data-centric.
  • Traditional (monetary) systems are under strong debate and could even be replaced by new ones.
  • Decentralization, where authority is transferred from central to local governments, companies, or even individuals, is getting more traction.

The world is reinventing itself, and I have a strong gut feel that crypto could play a part in all of the above movements.

You probably already know (otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this); where there is change and volatility, there is also some money to be made.

But how to get exposed to the crypto projects that are already part of or have the highest probability to be part of this change of eras?

That is why GRAZZP has been developed, powering four high-return Crypto Strategies.

GRAZZP makes it possible to get exposed to the most promising crypto projects, with the highest returns, in an easy way (thanks to the ICONOMI platform).

Within the 4 high return strategies, 3 are passively managed and 1 actively managed.

Table 1: Crypto strategies powered by GRAZZP


DeFi is one of the most mentioned words next to crypto and blockchain. The goal of DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, is to reconstruct the banking system for the whole world in an open and permissionless way. Because of its nature, there is lots of money in this space, and that’s exactly why GRAZZP wants to be there.

GRAZZP® Exchange DEX / CEX

Crypto exchanges, both DEX (Decentralized) and CEX (Centralized), are essential in this growing space. Centralized Exchanges have the most liquidity at the time of writing. Decentralized exchanges have the advantage that you don’t have to send assets to a central spot where it could be unsafe. Decentralized exchanges are developing rapidly, and both (CEX and DEX) will increase if crypto becomes more mature.

GRAZZP® Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos Ecosystem exists of a wide variety of apps, blockchains, protocol wallets, and explorers, built in the Cosmos Ecosystem by developers and contributors from across the globe.

It is said that a good ecosystem should be strong on 5 important pillars; scalability, compatibility, developability, applicability, and governance. Cosmos is strong on all 5. Being younger than Ethereum and having lots of good projects (like Binance DEX, Band Protocol, Oasis Network, and Kava). This strategy is meant to show high returns.

GRAZZP® ProActive

60% of the strategy will follow the narrative of the market at that moment. Think of DeFi, NFS (Non Fungible Tokens), or Oracles. 40% will be filled with swing and macro trades based on Technical Analyses.

This Strategy is managed proactively, and you can expect me to update as many times as needed (usually multiple times a day) to maximize our growth.

Besides that, my number 1 priority is to keep and protect the gains that we all work so hard for. This priority is the result of one of the lessons I learned from the previous bull run in 2017.

How did you find out about crypto?

I have always been passionate about technology and trading (being the son of a banker, money was always a topic at the table). In 2015 I started creating my own bitcoin miner with 4 graphic cards. It made lots of noise and got really hot. Eventually, I mined around 10 bitcoins, and….. I sold them. We all know what happened later on ☺

Interesting crypto related story that happened to you?

Later I was lucky enough to be part of the 2017 bull market and increased my net worth significantly. My wife and I got married at the end of 2017, and it was fully financed by the profits of crypto. I felt lucky that there was a reason to take profits, because to be honest, if we weren’t married at that time, I probably would not have transferred crypto to euros on my bank account at all, and most profits would be lost. This is also why I’ve learned to protect our hard-earned gains and take profits on the way up.

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