Invest periodically using Autocopy
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Sep 7, 2022

Invest periodically using Autocopy

Is it the right time to copy a Strategy, or shall I wait a bit?

If you are asking yourself these kinds of questions, then “dollar-cost averaging” might be a good solution.

Dollar-cost averaging is an investment Strategy which utilises regular investments of smaller amounts spread over a longer period of time (vs a one-time investment all at once). You invest a small amount of money each day, week or month, making it easier to deal with uncertain markets and invest at an “average market price” during a certain period.

What’s even better is that you can automate all of this by utilising the Autocopy feature on the ICONOMI platform.

Autocopy lets you automatically copy a Strategy every time you deposit fiat to ICONOMI, be it through SEPA transactions or a credit card deposit. It works for transactions between 20€ and 1000€.

To automate everything, you can set up a recurring payment with your bank or credit card provider. In this way, you set aside a few euros every day, week, or month to build your crypto portfolio gradually.

No matter if you’re working, sleeping, or sailing the seven seas, this configuration will let you invest gradually from wherever you are!

Note that if you deposit more than the set amount, the surplus will be automatically credited to your account. You will not lose anything; you will only need to copy a Strategy manually.

You can start passively investing on ICONOMI with only a few steps:

  • Set up a recurring payment with your bank or credit card provider
  • Under your Portfolio, click the slider next to Autocopy
  • Enter the amount you’d like Autocopy to use with each transaction
  • Select the Crypto Strategy you’d like to copy
  • Sit back and invest periodically!

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