Crypto Strategy Gift Cards

Crypto Strategy Gift Cards


Going forward with our idea of being the platform where users can share their knowledge with others and build communities around their Crypto Strategies, we are committed to building all the tools a Strategist needs to grow. This is why today we are releasing Gift Cards for Crypto Strategies.

In addition to existing Gift Cards that are primarily intended for ordinary ICONOMI users, Gift Cards for Crypto Strategies are enabled for all verified Crypto Strategies and allow Strategists to utilise them to grow their copier base and ACS.

Marketing: Enabled

All verified Crypto Strategies can now access the ‘Marketing’ tab within the Crypto Strategy management view, which allows them to generate multiple gift cards with just 2 clicks. Gift cards and their codes are then displayed in a table where you can monitor their usage.

The primary goal of the new gift cards is to allow a Strategist to utilise social media channels, such as Twitter to create giveaways, contests, or any other promotion they can think of and reward the participants with gift cards that ensure them the following:

  • When a Gift Card is cashed in, the value is automatically used to copy the Crypto Strategy with which the Gift Card was created
  • If a Gift Card is the first transaction of a fully verified user, a referral connection is established to the Gift Card creator trumping any referral links that might be saved on the user’s account. This means, for brand new users that spend your gift cards, you have a referral guarantee.

Requirements and creation flow

  • Only verified Crypto Strategies can access the new Gift Cards
  • The vehicle for value transfer is USDT, ensuring the value stability between the Gift Card creation and its actual value
  • Strategists need to have USDT before they can create Gift Cards
  • Owners of verified strategies can visit and select the “Marketing” tab where they can create, monitor and administer gift cards
  • Only verified users can redeem a Gift Card
  • Single Gift Card amount is limited to maximum 250 USDT


Will Gift Cards be available for non-verified strategies in the future?

Eventually, yes. Since it’s a brand new feature and we don’t know all the possible outcomes, we are publishing it only for Strategies with the most experience, longest track record, and added trust. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll learn from that, adjust the feature within 1-2 weeks, and then slowly roll it out for all public Crypto Strategies.

Is ICONOMI making money on Gift Card creation?

Gift card creation is free of charge, and ICONOMI does not collect anything from their creation.

Can I publish Gift Card codes directly on my website or Twitter? Can I print them out under my own brand name?

Yes, marketing and promotion of a Crypto Strategy is the main objective of Gift Cards.

Can a user who cashed in a Gift Card stop copying your Strategy and leave someplace else immediately? Is it possible for users to cash in the Gift Card and withdraw the amount immediately?

Currently, this is possible. We have thought about this a lot and decided against lockdown periods or vesting for the first release, so it’s easier to monitor whether users stay in the Strategy or not. Once we have the initial data, we might adjust the flows accordingly.

Where can I give feedback about this feature?

You can come and share your opinion on our Discord channel:, or use to share your feature update requests.

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