Be in Control of Who Can Access Your Strategy
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Feb 25, 2021

Be in Control of Who Can Access Your Strategy

New Crypto Strategy visibility switching

The number of Crypto Strategies on the ICONOMI platform is ever-growing, and we’ve upgraded the way how managers can switch between the visibility of their Crypto Strategy. From now on managers can easily switch between different visibilities of their strategy with only a few clicks.

There are three different settings: Private, Unlisted, and Public


Private Strategies are not accessible via URL and are not visible on the ICONOMI platform by searching for it. You can still invite your friends and family to copy your Strategy.

Main characteristics:

  • Hidden
  • No direct URL
  • Invite friends and family
  • Earn from fees


Invite only Strategies generate a URL that you can share with anyone. Only those who possess the URL can see and copy the Strategy.

Main characteristics:

  • Visible only via URL
  • Copiers need to ask for an invite first
  • Sharable link with “Ask for invite” button
  • Invite copiers directly
  • Earn from fees


Public Strategies are, well, public. Anyone on the ICONOMI platform can see them. They also have a direct URL and anyone can copy them without needing approval. There is, however, a prerequisite; your Strategy must have at least €5000 ACS in the last 28 days. And once you go public, you can only switch to another visibility after another 28 days.

Main characteristics:

  • Discoverable on ICONOMI
  • Anyone can see the Strategy
  • Can be promoted based on its success
  • Invite copiers directly
  • Earn from fees
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