Crypto Strategies now in DEMO mode

Crypto Strategies now in DEMO mode

DEMO Strategies are replacing simulations with a new polish and loads of new features!

Each user can now create three additional Strategies which work in DEMO mode. Previously, unfunded strategies would run in the so-called “simulation mode”. They were in that state until a user funded it with at least 100EUR.

Now, you can do so much more with DEMO strategies.

Three slots to play around with

You can now toy with three different crypto investing concepts without risk. See what works and apply that knowledge to your Live Crypto Strategy. No more hard decisions between coins and structures, only trial and error through which comes experience.

What is the difference between DEMO Strategy and Live Strategy?

There are few differences between DEMO and Live Strategies that you should be aware of:

  • DEMO Strategies rebalances are not performed on exchanges but are instead simulated via our price fetchers. The performance of the Simulation strategy does not account for the market unpredictability, order execution duration, and other conditions that we face in actual markets.
  • DEMO Strategies are exempt from fees and costs. Your ACS is not affected by the rebalancing fee.
  • DEMO Strategies are funded with 1000 EUR of “virtual money” that you can play around with. You cannot add additional virtual money for now. If you run out, you can delete the DEMO strategy and create a new one.
  • DEMO Strategies settings and functionality are limited mostly to rebalancing. Rules and other advanced features are available to Live Crypto Strategies.

How do I create a DEMO Strategy?

  1. Login to your ICONOMI Account
  2. Click “Create new Strategy” in the main navigation or visit:
  3. Select “DEMO Strategy” on the left
  4. Follow the creation wizard
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