Bitcoin Halving happened on May 11th, 2020

The highly anticipated Bitcoin halving happened on May 11th, 2020. There was a lot of speculation about how the halving would affect the Bitcoin price and mining, but besides initial speculation, the asset has remained pretty stable in May.

$MOON & &BRICKS - finally real utility?

Reddit turns to Ethereum in order to launch two tokens used to reward engagement.

The tokens $MOON & $BRICKS  will be issued to the members of two Reddit channels, r/Cryptocurrency, and r/FortniteBR.

Bitcoin Pizza Day contest

From 1 - 22 May, more than 60 ICONOMI users participated in the Bitcoin Pizza Day contest. Each user applied with their own strategy and tried to manage their assets towards greater profit. We saw several position changes between different managers, leading up to the final stand: CryptoChris, StableFund, and BlingBling. Congrats to all three.

To learn more about the contest winner, read the interview:
CryptoChris - Contest winner

To learn more about the contest winner, read the interview:

JPMorgan opens up

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has added two new banking customers, this time two well known Bitcoin exchanges – Coinbase and Gemini. While Crypto Exchanges had a really hard time partnering with different banks in the past, this is now slowly changing as players like JPMorgan are setting the new standard by providing Crypto exchanges with access to USD 2.6 trillion in the bank.

May Crypto Stats

Last but not least, let's check out some statistical data from ICONOMI.