Media’s Main Topics about Crypto in April 2020

Two European countries taking a step further to digitizing finance

The Switzerland-based Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA) has published a “Digital Assets Custody Standard” – a common industry standard for the custody and management of digital assets which clarifies the differences between storing cryptocurrencies versus traditional assets.

Conversely, France is following Sweden’s plans about creating a national digital currency. What are the plans? Find out here.

Tokenizing Sports

Blockchain technology is expanding into sports as well. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Juventus, Lancashire Cricket Club now has company; CryptoKitties has secured a patent to create digital tokens in partnership with the National Basketball Association, the NBA.

Blockchain & Automotive Industry

General Motors, as one of the more productive car manufacturers in the blockchain sector, revealed a patent for an autonomous vehicle navigation map which will allow multiple vendors to contribute to a single map.

Such wonderful news, right?

Speculations about Who will Perform Better - alts or Bitcoin?

Our observations

April offered a steady comeback. There was always small speculation about who would perform better – alts or Bitcoin. With halving just around the corner, there were a lot of expectations about how new demand would push Bitcoin over short-term resistance. And it really did that. Whether this is also connected to the traditional market recovery is an open question, but definitely it was positive for the whole industry to see the greener color. We can see activity also via Crypto commits.

Beside price movements, we witnessed many technical upgrades. There was a lot of going on in the ETH environment where the testnet version of Ethereum’s 2.0 upgrade has attracted a lot of attention – there are new validators (almost 30k at this moment).

Last, but not least, we’ve launched a contest between professional crypto managers in the spirit of the upcoming Bitcoin Pizza Day 10th anniversary. You can find Live Results here, and find out what they believe will perform better, alts or Bitcoin.

April’s Crypto Stats

Let's check out some statistical data from ICONOMI.

You can find other crypto industry insights here.