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​​Crypto Index Funds & Strategies - Ultimate Guide [2024]
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Feb 28, 2024

​​Crypto Index Funds & Strategies - Ultimate Guide [2024]

In the bustling world of crypto and blockchain, finding a solid investment strategy can be a little daunting for new investors, especially given the frequent volatility of the market. In addition to this, new entrants may also find the rapid evolution of the crypto space to be a potential barrier to entry, and this is mainly due to the time commitment needed to keep adequately informed on all the new opportunities out there. 

To counter this, many first-time investors have had to rely upon digestible information from social media influencers and channels, with the two most common platforms being Twitter and YouTube. The problem, however, is that most of this investment advice is highly-speculative in nature, and even unobjective in some cases due to certain conflicts of interest.

The good news is that there are more transparent investment alternatives out there, with two of the most popular being crypto index funds and strategies

The question that must be asked, is which one is more ideal for new and inexperienced investors? 

What Are Crypto Index Funds?

In simple terms, crypto index funds are investment tools/services that mirror the performance of a collection of cryptocurrencies through a cryptocurrency index. Investors participate in the fund by purchasing shares, and their contributions are then used to acquire a proportionate share of each digital asset within the index. This allows for broad exposure to the overall market, and normally has a mid to long-term outlook on the market. 

It is important to note that crypto index funds sometimes get confused with crypto ETFs (Exchange-traded funds), which although similar, are still slightly different. For one, ETFs trade on an exchange like stocks, and you buy or sell them through a broker. On the other hand, crypto index funds are bought directly from a fund manager, and usually require a higher minimum investment threshold/lock-up period compared to a crypto ETF.

A notable crypto index fund is the Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund, which proclaims to be a secure way to get diversified exposure to Bitcoin and leading cryptocurrencies.
*Not investment advice.

Benefits of Crypto Index Funds

Crypto index funds offer an array of different benefits for investors: 

1) Risk reduction

A crypto index fund invests in an array of different digital assets, which means that in theory, the risk is reduced compared to investments in just one cryptocurrency. Of course, stability will also depend on the expertise of the person/group overseeing the fund, and the strategy behind the allocation of funds. It's why it's important to acknowledge that not all crypto index funds are equal in terms of stability and returns. 

2) Time reduction

If you decide to invest in a crypto index fund, the only time you will have to spend is 1) periodically checking on its performance, and 2) manually withdrawing your funds in the event you want to take profits or invest elsewhere. For this reason, this is an excellent investment option for those who are limited by time but who still want to take advantage of the many investing opportunities found in the crypto space.

Please note that with most crypto index funds, there will normally be a minimum investment time frame before one can withdraw their funds. This is to ensure the overall investing stability of the fund itself, which needs stable access to these funds in order to operate effectively.  

3) Exposure to various investment opportunities

The crypto space is an incredibly exciting and dynamic industry, with many new and revolutionary value propositions being released constantly. Given how the industry is still relatively nascent, this means that there are some value propositions that have exponential growth potential, meaning that if one were to invest early in a crypto project that experiences success, then the return on investment (ROI) would be impressive in theory. 

Therefore, investing in a crypto index fund increases the likelihood of finding a successful crypto asset, which in turn can increase the likelihood of a good or stable ROI. However, as is the case with any speculative investments, there will always be a certain degree of risk, and therefore a person investing into a crypto index fund is still responsible for doing some due diligence on the fund, and only investing what they can afford to lose.  

4) Expertise 

Last but not least, a crypto index fund can be ideal for the expertise and experience it can provide to new and inexperienced crypto investors.

As mentioned previously, many people will often lack the time to properly educate themselves on investing strategies and crypto fundamentals. The good news is that there are seasoned professionals known as fund managers who specialise in crypto investing strategies that are designed to create yield on investor funds. It is these fund managers who are tasked with managing and weighting each index fund, screening and monitoring for certain risks, and rebalancing the fund to combat any market volatility.

In terms of costs, most crypto index funds abide by a structured fee system, and fees are normally charged for entering or exiting a crypto index fund.

As can be seen, crypto index funds are enticing value propositions for new or very busy investors. But they are not the only tool out there that can benefit the aforementioned group of people.

What are Crypto Strategies?

Another investing approach is to use a crypto strategy platform. Like crypto index funds, crypto strategies have mid to long-term investment outlooks, and are designed to invest in various different cryptocurrencies. The objective remains the same - having a diversified portfolio to increase the chances of impressive or stable returns. But where they differ is how they look in practice. 

Although similar to cryptocurrency index funds, crypto strategies can be seen as a more grassroots type of fund mechanism, where investors have more navigational control and exposure to specific se­ctors within the world of crypto like DeFi or NFTs (Non-Fungible­ Tokens). Moreover, these strategies are normally formed by regular crypto enthusiasts who have had enough experience and insight to form successful investment strategies, and who see the financial and/or altruistic appeal in publicising their investment portfolio for others to copy. 

Furthermore, unlike a traditional crypto index fund provider (which often requires a high minimum investment amount, and more rigorous conditions), crypto strategies can be accessed by signing up to a crypto strategy platform. It is here where many different investment strategies can be copied in a seamless manner, monitored (past and present performance), and where investors can enter or exit whichever strategy they like; and whenever they so choose. 

In short, a crypto strategy is a much more accessible and diverse form of crypto index fund, and is much more grassroots compared to the aforementioned.

*Do not invest unless you are prepared to lose all the money you invest. Crypto is a high-risk investment, and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. 

Benefits of Crypto Strategies

Crypto index funds offer an array of different benefits for investors: 

1) Low barriers to entry 

Because crypto strategies are usually hosted on user-based digital platforms (as opposed to a more mainstream index fund which is more traditional, and where investors deal with fund managers directly), this means that the process for getting involved is much easier compared to a crypto index fund. All that is required is a simple sign-up where investors provide an email and password, and providing some sort of identification to fulfil KYC/AML requirements. 

Moreover, crypto strategy platforms have a very low investment minimum compared to crypto index funds, with investors being able to get involved with amounts as low as $10.

2) High-liquidity and best prices

Another benefit of using a crypto strategy platform, is that most are integrated with the top exchanges, meaning that users can enjoy excellent liquidity, and the best prices available. This means that crypto strategy users not only can tap into a potentially profitable portfolio, but they never have to worry about liquidity, and they can save a great deal of money on the fees they would normally have to spend if they were to invest directly through an exchange.  

3) More control

Crypto strategy platforms give much more navigational control to users compared to crypto index funds, which lock investors in for a certain period of time, and normally are quite limited in the crypto assets that they offer exposure to.

Instead, crypto strategy platforms give complete navigational control to users, who can easily browse through and access lots of different crypto strategies. Although each strategy normally has it's own percentage for entering and exciting, users are pretty much free to do whatever they like on these platforms, including leaving a strategy at any time, investing in more than one, and setting their own preferred stop losses.

Also, because most platforms share historical data for each crypto strategy on the dashboard, investors can easily track the performance of each crypto fund, which helps to narrow down the best strategy for their needs.     

4) Diverse exposure

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of crypto strategies is the diverse exposure they can provide investors. Crypto index funds, although respected investment options in their own right, usually only focus on a few of the top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although there are indeed crypto index funds which cater for diverse digital assets within areas like DeFi (for example), none will have the same level of diverse exposure compared to crypto strategy platforms, which have the benefit of being connected to the top exchanges in the world. Moreover, these platforms are built around the investing strategies of a 'broad' user base, who combined, are more likely to have a more holistic insight into a broader range of Altcoins. 

As can be seen, crypto strategies, whilst having a similar aim to crypto index funds, are much easier to join, and have an array of additional benefits for users.

Sold on crypto strategies? If so, and you happen to be based in the UK or in Europe, then ICONOMI is an excellent place to access crypto strategies.

ICONOMI - One of the Best Crypto Strategy Platforms

ICONOMI is one of Europe's oldest and most reputable crypto strategy platforms, renowned for its user-frie­ndly interface and excellent range of utilities, making it particularly suitable for crypto be­ginners. 

ICONOMI provides a unique solution for beginners, and e­nables individuals with limited expe­rience in crypto to access to crypto strategies with proven success. By mirroring these trading and investment approaches, investors can navigate the­ complex world of crypto with confide­nce. Additionally, if you are a business looking to diversify into crypto, ICONOMI also offers a crypto business account.


  • User-friendly interface, suitable for beginners.
  • FCA regulated
  • Access to over 300 crypto strategies for automated portfolio management.
  • A diverse range of cryptocurrencies available for trading.
  • Highly transparent performance data (historical and present)


  • Like any speculative asset, cryptocurrencies have a certain degree of risk, and therefore investors are solely responsible for any losses incurred when investing on the platform.
  • Not ideal for advanced traders looking for advanced trading features and tools.

To see a list of ICONOMI's top performing crypto strategies, click here.


In a world where most people are tied down by day jobs and families, efficiently investing in multiple cryptocurrencies can be difficult due to the lack of time available.  But with the advent of crypto index funds and strategies, aspiring crypto investors can now invest in a highly efficient manner, and in a way which greatly reduces the time it takes to invest on their own. 

As has been shown, both crypto index funds and strategies have similar aims, but for most new investors, crypto strategies are not only more accessible and less restrictive, but have more benefits. In addition to this, this investing model is more free-market in nature, as it allows people who have had great success in their own investing journeys to easily set up their own crypto strategies for others to copy.

So if you are looking to invest in crypto, and either lack the time or confidence to do so, then crypto strategies might just be what you have been looking for.

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