We are happy to announce that as of today, a new Crypto Strategy, Tokenomics Stars, has been made public on the ICONOMI Platform. We invite you to read the interview with Mr. Jesús Pérez, an experienced investor with an impressive background in the financial industry who is the ICONOMI Expert behind the strategy.

What is your background and what are your experiences in the financial industry?

I started investing in the financial market more than 20 years ago, more precisely in 1998. It’s been a great but a very diverse drive since then, seeing all kinds of market changes and movements.

I'm a Computer Engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence applied to finance. My experience has been developed in the fields of Computer Engineering and Investment. I have the CFTE (Certified Financial Technician), and I have been a teacher at universities like the University of Alicante and IEB. I have a master’s in Quantitative Trading, and I have developed algorithmic strategies that are currently managing capital. I am the founder of two companies of Algorithmic Trading: Sersan Sistemas and AccurateQuant.

In the engineer part of my life, I have participated in technology projects on the internet, first 3G networks, and recently in the Fintech and crypto industry. In the past 10 years, while working at Civeta Investment and Fintech Ventures,  we have invested in more than 40 startups.

Recently, I’ve established a Digital Assets Institute to organize digital assets valuation courses.

I believe we’re really lucky to be caught in this historic moment, where we can see the digital assets market developing and rising. It is also for this reason that I’ve created Tokenomics Star, the Crypto Strategy on the ICONOMI platform.
Jesús Pérez, Tokenomics Stars

What is the strategy of Tokenomics Stars?

The main objective of the Tokenomics Stars Crypto Strategy is to offer the best exposure to the crypto market. The selection of cryptocurrencies will be defined by the search for value. My goal is to reach above average crypto market returns, while achieving as low volatility as possible.

We bet on the projects that are supported by projects’ communities. For this reason, the Crypto Strategy is called ‘Tokenomics’ because we will study in-depth the design of the tokens and the communities.

Which tokens have been chosen for your initial structure, and why?

Initially, we are going to have 65% of bitcoin, 20% position in stable coin, leaving 15% for startups, which are in more developed phases and fit within our investment objective. We will examine the economic designs of the projects in order to select those that are more solid to incorporate into the portfolio as soon as we see that our criteria are met.

Tokenomics Stars will always have between 15 - 30% of its portfolio in stable coin in order to take advantage of market movements. In other words, to invest additional capital and buy more cryptos when the prices drop.

Which is your favorite cryptocurrency and why?

Definitely Bitcoin. It is the origin of this new technological paradigm that despite this, it has overcome many criticisms since its inception.

It is really complex to launch a project of this kind, as it has been done, having managed to hide the identity of the people who created it, and it has changed and will change keep changing the financial sector, as well as the way companies and our society is understood.

For that reason, it is my favorite cryptocurrency, although in the end we will be analyzing at all times the evolution of all cryptocurrencies. We will not have problems in investing in new ones that can improve this first implementation of the money.

Favorite song/movie/cartoon/superhero, and why?

I am passionate about classical music, and classical guitar in particular. For that reason as a song I choose the Concierto de Aranjuez, one of the orchestral works for guitar that has allowed many people to discover the importance of this instrument in classical music.

As for Movies, I would choose The Matrix and Her. I think they bring us closer to surprising technological scenarios. I believe that technology is one of the most important tools we have to make a better world.

Buzz Lightyear clearly. I think we all have to have that point of Don Quixote in our life. Really important.

As a Superhero, I would say a person like Maria Blasco, but I would refer to all those people who are dedicated to research for creating wealth for humanity. Usually with not the great impact that they deserve doing things so important for humanity. They seem to be the true superheroes for me. People who are dedicated to fighting to investigate cancer, longevity, etc.

What would you say to convince users to follow your Crypto Strategy?

We will use all our experience in Trading Markets and in Venture Capital with the aim of giving a professional exposure to this type of asset. In addition, we will share our main decisions with all our investors with the objective that you can understand our strategy.

We believe that our Crypto Strategy, can be an excellent way to diversify your crypto investment. Jesús Pérez, Tokenomics Stars

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