What is the expertise of TokenSuisse, how long have you been in the financial industry, and how would you describe your company?

TokenSuisse’s focus lies on investments in blockchain solutions with true potential and disruptive power. By facilitating the access to this disruptive and vastly unknown asset class, we allow our clients to directly benefit from an emerging asset class in a qualified and safe manner. TokenSuisse was founded in July 2017 by a set of experienced financial markets professionals with a combined 50 years of experience and distinguished expertise in the field of Crypto Assets. Our founders have been actively involved since the democratization of Crypto Assets began.

What is the strategy of the Crypto Star Index? What would you say to users to convince them to invest?

The Crypto Star Index (CSTRP) is a balanced Crypto Asset Index which reflects general Crypto Asset trends and provides diversified exposure to the most established blockchain categories. The Crypto Star Index relies on diversification rules and takes into account the underlying blockchain technology and the market capitalization of the corresponding blockchain assets. The Crypto Star Index is rebalanced monthly.

How do people in Switzerland view cryptocurrencies? How fast is adoption taking place?

The Swiss are open to cryptocurrencies. Many people have heard of it and some even have direct experience with it. There are still some roadblocks to be removed on the way to mass adoption. On one hand, this has to do with the use cases offered by blockchain, and on the other hand with the hurdles in place in the banking system and the regulatory landscape. We see the first steps, on both fronts, that will finally pave the way for mass adoption.

As financial veterans, where do you see the crypto market in 10 years time?

We are strong believers in blockchain technology and its benefits regarding decentralization, financial inclusion, and as an enabler for new business models. We believe in 10 years blockchain will be incorporated into our society and the economy.

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