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How a UK Construction Company Shielded Their Surplus from Inflation
Jul 9, 2024

How a UK Construction Company Shielded Their Surplus from Inflation


  • Company: A Construction Company in the UK
  • Industry: Construction (Energy, Commercial, and Domestic Sectors)
  • Challenge: Protecting capital against high inflation
  • Solution: Investment in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies through ICONOMI
  • Results: Successful management of surplus working capital with positive outcomes

A small construction company based in the UK operates in the energy, commercial, and domestic sectors. With a keen eye on market trends and economic fluctuations, the company recognised the urgent need to protect its surplus working capital from the adverse effects of high inflation. Seeking a viable solution, they turned their attention to cryptocurrencies.


The primary challenge faced by the company was the lack of a straightforward and secure method to diversify into the cryptocurrency market using company funds. Traditional investment avenues did not offer the necessary protection against inflation, prompting the company to explore alternative investment options.


After thorough research, the company discovered ICONOMI through LinkedIn and engaged in an online meeting with a representative. The company conducted comprehensive due diligence, including credit checks and security assessments, and ultimately chose ICONOMI for its robust platform and secure investment options.

The company decided to allocate 10% of its assets into a low-risk crypto portfolio using  ICONOMI. The user-friendly interface and extensive selection of assets on ICONOMI enabled the company to effectively manage their portfolio and make informed investment decisions.


Since initiating their investment in cryptocurrencies via ICONOMI, the company has experienced significant positive outcomes. Despite the inherent volatility in the crypto market, the company has seen promising results and appreciates the platform's diverse asset offerings. The successful management of their investments has provided a hedge against inflation, demonstrating the strategic advantage of their decision.

“The platform is easy to use and has worked great for us so far; we can hold a portfolio and also invest more in our favourite assets. Since we started investing, we have had great results. We know that investments can go down as well as up, but there is a great choice of the latest assets on the platform.”
UK construction company


The construction company's venture into cryptocurrency investments through ICONOMI highlights the importance of diversification and innovative financial strategies in combating economic challenges such as inflation. The ease of use, security, and variety of assets offered by ICONOMI have been instrumental in achieving their financial goals. While the company prefers to remain anonymous in public marketing materials, their success story stands as a testament to the potential benefits of integrating cryptocurrencies into traditional business investment portfolios.

If you have questions on how to successfully invest your business surplus into crypto, our knowledgeable sales representatives are here to help.

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