Community sentiment Crypto Strategy - CryptoPotato

Launch of ICONOMI listed Crypto Strategy created by one of the world’s leading information sources for crypto investors – CryptoPotato and its amazing community.

Community sentiment Crypto Strategy - CryptoPotato

Starting on August 20, 2019, ICONOMI will be listing a Crypto Strategy managed by one of the world’s leading information sources for crypto investors – CryptoPotato and its amazing community.

How to engage the Crypto Community?

ICONOMI Crypto Strategies provide ease of management and very simple structure changes. In most of the scenarios where content creators like CryptoPotato would like to turn community votes into a managed Crypto Strategy, they would face several obstacles of registering on different exchanges, buying single assets, legal questions, and of course managing the community investments.

While having a Crypto Strategy that takes user votes into consideration is amazing and something every content provider wants, it takes a lot of effort and responsibility. Most importantly, it takes away the focus from its primary mission – content creation.

Turnkey Crypto Strategies

As most of our readers already know, ICONOMI is all about Crypto Strategies. Anyone can create and manage their own. Collaboration with CryptoPotato was therefore the next logical step. CryptoPotato engaged its community to cast votes on their favourite cryptos, while ICONOMI provided the platform that hosts the Strategy and allows anyone to enter the Strategy structured by a mixture of the CryptoPotato community and its analysts with a proven track record.

Technical execution

In order to collect votes from the CryptoPotato news portal, ICONOMI developers wrote a widget that lists all 70+ currencies supported by ICONOMI. Each CryptoPotato visitor had the ability to cast three votes via the widget and affect the final structure of the Strategy. In order to make things even more interesting, all voters also had a chance to enter the $300 contest.

The collected votes were then recalculated and sent to a CryptoPotato top analyst for strategy weightings. After that, the Strategy was created on the ICONOMI platform, and anyone can invest in it.

To check CryptoPotato Crypto Strategy follow this link:

What does all this mean?

The CryptoPotato Strategy was created with the help of the community and will also be managed by its community. This means users who invest in the strategy will have an ability to cast votes each quarter and affect the new structure of the strategy – making CryptoPotato the world’s first community-managed Crypto Strategy. Meanwhile, the strategy will be carefully managed by CryptoPotato analysts.

Looking forward

ICONOMI turnkey Crypto Strategies provide an amazing foundation for different communities interested in Crypto, opening doors for possible charity strategies, strategies created by gamers, or simply a strategy that resonates a voice of a larger community.

In case you missed it, you can also create your own private Crypto Strategy here, and remember, In diversification we trust.

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