How BitFolio Switched from Manual Calculations to Automated Portfolio Optimisation with ICONOMI
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Jul 28, 2023

How BitFolio Switched from Manual Calculations to Automated Portfolio Optimisation with ICONOMI

From Struggle to Streamlined Success: BitFolio's Time-Saving Transformation

For our Strategists, navigating the complex financial landscape was a time-consuming and challenging endeavour. The daunting task of manually rebalancing their investment portfolio was constantly consuming their time. However, everything changed with the discovery of ICONOMI, marking the genesis of the now-acclaimed BitFolio Crypto Strategy.

In their quest to find an automated solution, he discovered ICONOMI.

In this relentless search, I found ICONOMI, but at the time, the platform was not open to the public; only investments in the Strategies available on the platform were allowed. I waited, and finally, ICONOMI opened the platform for the public to build their own Strategy. It was very rewarding for me, and I am very grateful to ICONOMI for this decision.

A few core features of ICONOMI resonated with them the most: the automatic balancing calculation, choice of weights for portfolio building, rule-based loss reduction (stop-loss), and inviting investors to invest in their Strategy. Moreover, the idea of sharing the earnings from Strategy “maintenance fees” with other Strategists on the platform was the cherry on top of the cake, making the platform not only a tool for managing his portfolio but also a source of income.

With ICONOMI's intuitive and user-friendly platform, the onboarding process was smooth and quick, aided further by an efficient and responsive customer support service.

As a result of integrating ICONOMI, BitFolio Crypto Strategy has significantly reduced the time spent on portfolio management. Although our Strategist is still in the process of attracting copiers and perfecting their Strategy for potential investors, the platform has already provided invaluable lessons in managing the market and engaging the public.

Overall, ICONOMI has transformed the Strategist's approach, making portfolio management more streamlined and less time-consuming. We believe that their journey can inspire many others who are looking to make their portfolio management more efficient and rewarding. After all, the future of investment portfolio management is here, and it's called ICONOMI. Are you ready to embrace it?

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