BitCourier's interview with ICONOMI's CEO Peter Curk
Jan 23, 2023

BitCourier's interview with ICONOMI's CEO Peter Curk

'Easy and Secure Way to Manage your Crypto’ 
The title given to the interview our CEO, Peter Curk, had with @Chris, a journalist from BitCourier.

BitCourier is an independent UK crypto community sharing content, information and interviews about happenings, events, and with people within the blockchain and fintech fields. They are the first crypto enthusiast community in the United Kingdom. They were kind enough to sit down with Peter, ask a few questions, and post the conversation on their blog.

Chris picked Peter's brain about ICONOMI and its inner workings, asking how his road has been and what his outlooks on the firm and its future are. So if you want to see what is on ICONOMI’s CEO’s mind, we encourage you to take a minute and read the interview!

Finally, to give a sneak peek of the interview:

Chris: On a personal note: what prompted the creation of the business in the first place? Any story to share?

Peter: On a very intimate, maybe philosophical level, I believe it was rebellion against the system that connected the dots. We live in an unfair society and blockchain technology can change the way our society is organised, giving more opportunity and freedom to individuals. Iconomi can maybe help with financial freedom.

Thank you again for BitCourier for the interview!

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