A Gift of future

A Gift of future

It is hard to share the enthusiasm for crypto trading with someone who does not own crypto. We all know acquiring the first crypto may be challenging or even daunting. So, if you want someone to understand what crypto is all about, first they need some assets to start.

Today we released Crypto Gift cards, allowing users to create gift cards with either BTC or ETH and receive a generated code that may be shared with their friends and family.

Gift receivers may then register an account on ICONOMI and redeem the crypto value behind the gift, and start trading right away.

How do Crypto Gift cards work?

A registered ICONOMI Tier 1 user can create a Gift card from either BTC or ETH they have on the account. The minimum amount of BTC or ETH you can send is  5EUR (value determined at the time of Gift Card creation) and the maximum is limited by 250EUR (value determined by the pair price at the time of Gift card creation).

Users that create the Gift card may enter any desired amount between 5-250EUR, but EUR value is only informative. Gift cards are always delivered in cryptocurrency, ensuring the target user receives the original amount of crypto.

How can I send the Gift card?

Once you create the Gift card you will receive two versions of it. One version will get automatically sent to the email address of the Gift card creator, allowing them to forward the email to anyone. The second version is available as a printable gift card via our platform. You can simply open the web version of the Gift card and print it. We optimized the gift card for printing so you won't print any unnecessary web elements.

Can I cancel the Gift card?

All created Gift cards will appear on your dashboard. Before the Gift card is used by the target user, you may cancel it by contacting our support team.

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