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март 18, 2023
март 25, 2023
Prime Time

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Prime Time is an actively managed Crypto Strategy, with the majority of its holdings invested in the Decentralized Finance Space.

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14.03.2023 г., 23:15:32 ч.
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Макс. Усвояване
Prime Time
1 апр, 2022

After a solid 10.3% gain over the month of March, Prime Time started April with a minor correction. $LUNA is holding well and I do expect this rally to take us much higher. Love to see it.

In my opinion, no need for changes in structure for now.

2 хората харесват това
Prime Time
27 ное, 2021

According to Coinglass, over $751 million worth of trader positions in digital assets were wiped out in a 12-hour span yesterday. Am I worried about this correction? No, I am absolutely bullish. The exchange reserves have hit new lows; feer and geed index is in the extreme fear zone and the whales keep loading up their bags.

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5 хората харесват това
Prime Time
25 ное, 2021

Again, Bitcoin (BTC) whales have been buying the dip. Santiment noted on Twitter, that active Bitcoin whale addresses holding between 100 to 10,000 BTC, accumulated about 40,000 BTC during last week’s price dip. Additionally, Bitcoin’s current social sentiment is at its most bearish level in seven weeks. You know by now that prices tend to top out when social sentiment gets too high and bottom out when the metric gets too low. I think we have hit the bottom. Let the gains begin 

2 хората харесват това
Prime Time
2 ное, 2021

Yesterday, we saw a huge outflow of 19,000 $BTC from Coinbase. Glasnode analysts believe $BTC is still in the early stages of a bull market. The Binance app ranks among the most popular downloads in the app stores, which tells me that Retail is starting to kick in.

I feel excited 

4 хората харесват това
Prime Time
21 окт, 2021

I am not here to spoil all the fun, but the threat of a possible flash crash, the one I referred to in a previous post, is still around the corner. Overleveraged positions might get liquidated, leading to an intense, but short lived dip. No need in my opinion tot participate in any panic sell if it happens, cause the long term still looks great.

2 хората харесват това
Prime Time
20 окт, 2021

Glad to see $LUNA do great, leading all other ALTS to new highs. Just imagine what happens if $BTC dominance drops a bit further. Let's say, below 45%...

Tomorrow is a new day. Sweet dreams.

5 хората харесват това
Prime Time
18 окт, 2021

Current drop cannot come as a surprise. Nothing to panic about. Soon $BTC dominance will calm down and many ALTS will fly. I choose not to use stop losses at this stage, because I do not want to miss all the fun due to bad timing. I expect $LUNA to lead the way 

5 хората харесват това
Prime Time
16 окт, 2021

We have a lift off, but I would not be surprised if a flash crash is waiting for us around the corner. For now, enjoy the ride 

Един човек харесва това
Prime Time
14 окт, 2021

Things seem to be playing out well. New ATH's are just a matter of time...

Един човек харесва това
Prime Time
6 окт, 2021

ALTS are struggling as traders are likely selling them for $BTC. Moved 40% into $BTC and simplified the portfolio. $LUNA saw a bigger correction, than most ALTS, but I will hold our position. At least until Wormhole goes live and a lot $LUNA will get burned due to the increased demand for UST.

3 хората харесват това