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Bituni Network
10 ное, 2021

Dear followers,

Bituni comeback is here!

CHR hit first swing target, time to scale some profits into XRP

OGN starts breaking higher aswell.

May the profits be with you


11 хората харесват това

gebeurt hier nog iets?? iemand een tip voor een andere fund?

haha bituni zijn wel de

meest egoïstische gasten in de game. bewijzen wel dat je toch voor je zelf moet zorgen…

Bituni Network
2 ное, 2021

Dear members,

As you have noticed we have removed our social media channels. This is, so we can trade in silence without interverence and opinions of our followers. As much as we would like to answer all questions and guide, we need to focus on executing best trades possible. Thank you for your understanding! | TEAM BITUNI

9 хората харесват това

@Roya Gunpowde - not at all. I'm down ~35% with this portfolio still. Market is moving up, Bituni is not.

its going great, keep up the good work👌

Bituni Network
11 апр, 2021

Dear members and potential strategy-copy'ers. We would like to inform you that we have an active telegram channel you could join and interact with the strategy-managers. Here we give updates and provide additional information. To join simply join the following link:

15 хората харесват това
Bituni Network
8 март, 2021

Dear members,

Today we have rebalanced in order to prepare for the next impulse wave up. We chose coins we deem to have “most potential” in the upcoming few weeks. These in the list are:


We have the feeling we are well positioned and prepared. We again, would like to thank you for sticking around.


8 хората харесват това
Bituni Network
28 фев, 2021

Hi Guys,

After staying in usdt while the market was in a retrace we have just entered 2 nice entries on NEO and CVC.. we will watch the markets closely with tight stops! Btc needs to hold its support, if not we are going back in usdt, so we can buy in at cheaper prices.

Have a nice sunday!

--Team Bituni--🤟

5 хората харесват това
Bituni Network
14 фев, 2021

Dear Bitunians,

Today we have decided to scale out partial percentages off all four holdings. We are doing this, because we see tremendous opportunity in ANKR. By taking off a few percentages of all the above- we have created room for 10% exposure into ANKR.

Thank you and see you on the next update.


4 хората харесват това
Bituni Network
26 яну, 2021

We have increased our exposure into alts (thus reduced USD exposure) in this dump. Through analysis, we decided to stack the following coins:

- Swipe [SXP] | increased
- Solana [SOL] | new
- Reserve Rights [RSR] | new
- KAVA [KAVA] | new

Furthermore we have delisted Ripple [XRP] due to lack of volatility. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to the next update.


6 хората харесват това
Bituni Network
24 яну, 2021

there is a possibility that we will see red days, however- in the bigger run our entries are extremely well executed and we will be trading high time frame swings along the way to outperform the bagholding strategy.

We would like to thank you once again for being part of the BITUNI FUND. Sit back, relax, we do all the work for you. See you on the other side.



5 хората харесват това
Bituni Network
24 яну, 2021

Our full intention for this fund, is to trade the macro cycle which we expect to last approximately twelve (12) months. This means, that those who copy us, are automatically copied into our strategy adjusted for the macro cycle. Please bear in mind, that within this strategy our intention is to average into the best possible entries on the macro frame. In other words,


4 хората харесват това
Bituni Network
24 яну, 2021


We would like to thank you for interest in us. After 7+ years of experience within the cryptocurrency market, we feel extremely comfortable to execute our strategies for both us- and those that would like to invest in the BITUNI FUND. We are currently analysing the vast majority of markets, and making pin-point decisions as we speak.


3 хората харесват това