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Our 'DeFi Infrastructure Strategy' invests in the moving parts of decentralised finance, whilst managing potential regulatory risks associated with the DeFi market.

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$CRV in, $XTZ and $ADA out

Curve DAO is criminally undervalued at the moment - target of $10 and then see how the land lies.

Tezos and Cardano are struggling with traction at the moment, so they're replaced for now.

$BTC has filled the CME gap and has good potential for the week - keeping a close eye on it as always.

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Rebalance into BTC

We're potentially looking at the start of a bull phase for $BTC - long term holders' distribution has turned negative, just as happened on every previous bull run, we've just had a weekly close ATH, and we both opened AND closed the week above a log of 1.618 - a precursor for bull runs in the past.

We are now 40% BTC, with a primary target of $85,000 and seeing how the land lies from there (potential to end the month on $98,000 as per PlanB S2F).


we've took profits from $ETH, and rebalanced to 20%.$DOT to 10%$MATIC to 5%$LUNA to 10% (big potential for growth over coming months)$XTZ decreased to 5%$ADA increased to 5%$BNB increased to 5%

We've taken profits from $ALGO and redistributed accordingly, although we will probably reinvest in the coming months.

Again, $AVAX is on the watchlist - potentially overbought currently.

$SOL, awaiting more news.

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Tough break after an ATH.

However, there’s plenty of positives - we’re reaching highs as inflation runs out of control.

The market is merely affected by the risk cautious signing off - those who stay invested in cryptocurrencies with the investment thesis of an inflation hedging alternative market (to the traditional, over leveraged lunatic casino powered by free money from central banks) will win in the short/mid and long term.

Zero bad news or insidious over regulation causing this, just weak hands leaving any risk on assets.

Sit tight and reap.

$62,000 or a tough Friday session

We saw a profit taking sell off in all sessions.

Perhaps a test of bullishness, but still not hearing many contrarian views against $BTC or the market as a whole.

Key support of $62,000 came into play in the first few hours of the US session.

A failure of support at this level could see a new support level at $58,000.

We’ll keep an eye out for any flirting below $62k and act accordingly.

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Sell off appears to be driven by profit taking - no bad news to cause a change in sentiment, which is still bullish overall.

Would be surprised to see $BTC not rebounding from current levels of $62000-$63000, it looks a bargain at this price.

Keeping an eye on $ETH level. Have a price in mind to go 'risk off' of $3750, but can't see us hitting it today.

There's no news, no change in fundamentals to trade from and sitting tight seems the best strategy (right up until it isn't).

The gif attached sums up the day we're having.

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With America waking up, we might see some profit taking as per Asian and European session opens.

However, this doesn't change the overall market sentiment.

We're looking to sit tight for the most part, but will keep an eye on short term movements and take some profits if deemed necessary and worthwhile.

Not too many clear opportunities at the moment, but will keep all updated.

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Good morning.


Awesome results from the changes made yesterday.

Reshuffling the deck on the alts front and upping the exposure to $ETH and $BTC.

Healthy pullback over the last 12 hours underlining that this run is just getting started.

This graph shows how our alts selections have kept our performance up there, even after Bitcoin fell off a little.

The power of diversification.

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$BTC new ATH!!!

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$LUNA has up to 160 projects ready to launch on it by Q1 2022. The recent IBC and wormhole upgrades have expanded the use case.

We’re in for circa 7.5% of the strategy now.

Also, we’ve increased $BTC and $ETH exposure to 23.1% and 22.43% respectively.

This means we have dropped $NEO and $CAKE which were struggling to find momentum.

Also out of $LINK and $BAND whilst the market moves towards the Bitcoin > Ethereum > Alts cycle.

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The bitcoin ETF has roared into life, becoming the second highest traded ETF on its debut day.

Price has held up and we may see a new ATH today. Price walls were collapsing all around yesterday.

$ETH looks like it may breakout at some point in the next 24/48 hours (see image). Ascending triangle pattern (plus less successful ‘cup and handle’ pattern) in play.

$LUNA has become multi chain, which will have a big effect on adoption. Always seen it as a play for falling markets due to it stable coin basis and tokenomics, but keeping a close eye on it.

Watching our lesser performing assets and may sacrifice some for moves into better alts today.

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