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Sep 29, 2022
Oct 6, 2022


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Mentions and Tether price predictions by strategists

16h ago


If not earlier, we may see a reversal once we get the unemployment data. If this will not reverse the market, then the CPI data and Powell’s speech next week will do the job😉 It is clear that this bounce is a bear market rally and will come down fast. The only question that remains is what will be the trigger for the reversal?📉$BTC $ETH $USDT

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30 Sep, 2022


Morning update:

Today, there are a lot of things to cover. First of all, we would like to mention that yesterday, we made a mistake in our morning update and talked about PCE data as well as Bitcoin Futures. Both event will happen today so, we expect volatility this afternoon👀 $BTC $ETH $USDT

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@babawoods you are probably looking at EUR value and Tether is pegged to dollar. Over the past 24 hours dollar lost a bit over 1% against EUR.

if I look at the 24hr fund results, I see a decline of 1.2% while we are 100% in tether. how is this possible?

30 Sep, 2022


Moving to the FX market. Here is the list of currencies and their losses against the USD over the past year📉 The numbers are shocking so it would not be surprising if people would start to lose trust in the government-issued currencies and start to turn to crypto🤔 The volumes are increasing and this may be the first signs of the crypto revolution. $BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT

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30 Sep, 2022


As a result of the chaos we are seeing in the FX market, the tone towards crypto is starting to change👀 This is another bullish observation. If enough media companies will start to talk about this, more people will get interested and will use crypto in order to preserve their wealth when their local currencies will start to devalue📉 Now is time for the crypto to shine🚀Fingers crossed this plays out in our favor🤞$BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT

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Diversitas EW
28 Sep, 2022

We are moving back into 50% $USDT, 50% $USDC position The markets look ready for reversal📉

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@CloudeSonat @Marquito this was a mistake, sorry😞 A New rebalance with 50% $USDT and 50% $USDC was just submitted. Thanks for pointing this out!🙏

just to be sure (cause you did‘t respond to @cloudesonat ): still 50% BTC ?

thanks - also for the nice work and transparent communication

have you done the rebalance? you are still holding 50% Bitcoin.

28 Sep, 2022

With $BTC at $19,600, SPX at $3,706, and Apple stock below $150, we decided to move back into a 100% $USDT position. SPX is about to face resistance and reversal is very likely somewhere in this area also when it comes to $BTC 🤔 We believe there will be an opportunity to buy $BTC back lower...

P.S. We are selling it with a nice profit tho

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As expected another strong selloff shows we're still in a bear market. Overall markets are breaking down and will most probably drag crypto down with it. We stick to our big $USDT allocation for now.

$BTC is trying to hold the 18k level, but below 18k there's not much support left and things could get very ugly. A real capitulation panic move is in the making, but we won't go 100% out as we need to hedge against our own stupidity.

So far protection pays off as we are outperforming $BTC on the 3-month chart by double digits.

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26 Sep, 2022

We are using this pump to further exit the market. Bitcoin continues to follow the stock market so we are expecting more downside and the grand finale of this bear market over the coming weeks📉$BTC

The new structure is 80% $USDT and 20% $BTC  We are selling 5% of $BTC with a small profit and the other 5% almost $1000 higher👌

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Diversitas EW
26 Sep, 2022

Weekly rebalance was just submitted. This week, no big changes as the markets stayed relatively flat👇 $BTC $USDT $USDC

Otherwise, we are keeping a very conservative structure as more downside could be in play 🤔 More about this is posted on the main Diversitas page.

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26 Sep, 2022


Here are also the events we will be watching this week👀 The most important one for financial markets is Powell's speech on Tuesday🤔 $BTC $ETH $USDT

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